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Top Ten Quarterbacks Headed into 2022: #1-5

The most important position on the field is the quarterback position. We list the top five quarterbacks in the league heading into 2022.
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After studying the list given by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, I thought it would be best to get some second opinions on who the top ten quarterbacks are going into the 2022 NFL season. We look at the top ten lists for quarterbacks from CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin and Pro Football Network’s Dalton Miller. Below we discuss the placements of each of these top quarterbacks and their potential impact on their respective teams going into the 2022 season.

The Top Ten Quarterbacks in the NFL for 2022: #1-5

T-5) Justin Herbert

ESPN (7), PFN (5), CBS (5)

2021 Stats: 17 games, 443/672, 65.9% completion percentage, 5014 yards, 38 Touchdowns. 15 Interceptions

Listening to the Athletic Football Show’s six-part series on Andrew Luck made football fans appreciate the enigma that was Andrew Luck. His athleticism, his strong arm, his competitiveness. All of which we as football fans did not respect as we should have. Well, we have a second chance here with Justin Herbert. Of course, in this exercise, he tied with Joe Burrow. They are two of the top representatives of the future at the quarterback position in the NFL. Herbert’s stoic yet intense persona allows him to have the same effect on the game as Burrow. No moment is too big for him. And as the Los Angeles Chargers continue to build the roster around him, this could be the year for the Chargers to break out as a top team in the AFC.

With the third-best QBR (68.7) and second-most yards (5,014), Herbert cements himself among the elite at the position. He has the best DYAR in his first two years since Peyton Manning in 1999-2000 and the most yards thrown in the first two years (9,350). Now, Herbert must lead this franchise to the playoffs. Even with all of this success from Herbert, he has not gotten to the playoffs once. That could be partly due to the log-jam in the AFC (seven of the 11 quarterbacks featured are in the AFC). But, and this is just speculation, he’s not ready yet. He has a premium opportunity to show that he and Los Angeles are prepared to take the step from fringe playoff team to potential super bowl contender. And himself atop the list of top ten quarterbacks in the league.

T-3) Tom Brady

ESPN (4), PFN (4), CBS (1)

2021 Stats: 17 games, 485/719, 67.5% completion percentage, 5316 yards, 43 Touchdowns, 6 Interceptions

Why Tom Brady enjoys chaos in this kingdom that he’s essentially ruled over since 2001 is beyond me. He will be 45, that’s right, 45 when the season starts this year. And he’s still atop the lists as a top quarterback in the league. What else is there to say about Tom that hasn’t already in his 20+ year career? He’s a living legend. His accolades speak for themselves. His arm somehow has gotten stronger since leaving Belichick and the Patriots. How? The laws of space and time are still trying to figure it out. The reigning passing yards and touchdown leader will have plenty to work with as he starts his quest for ring number eight.

It will be a bit tougher with Bruce Arians out of the picture and not having his expertise readily available. However, outside of Arians, the coaching staff has remained the same. But the sidelines aren’t where the problems could lie. Brady’s last ride will hinge upon the play of his playmakers around him. Russell Gage, Chris Godwin, and Mike Evans are a deadly trio of receivers. Not to mention the recent addition of Julio Jones. Leonard Fournette and newly-drafted Rachaad White should be a nice one-two punch in the backfield. As much as it would give me and others great pleasure to say that this will be the year that Brady falls off the cliff. That this year is the year that Brady will finally meet Father Time face-to-face. We may have to accept the fact that Brady will be elite until the day Brady decides to leave. May that day come sooner rather than later.

T-3) Josh Allen

ESPN (3), PFN (2), CBS (4)

2021 Stats: 17 games, 409/646, 63.3% completion percentage, 4407 yards, 36 Touchdowns, 15 Interceptions

The Buffalo Bills may have the best roster in the NFL right now. That illustrious title starts at the quarterback position, with their uber-athletic signal-caller, Josh Allen. How athletic can he be, one may ask. Let’s take the Falcons game, for instance. Josh Allen and the offense were struggling mightily. More specifically, the passing game. Allen had two first-half interceptions and a third to start the second half of the game. The Bills then decided they would grind the game out on the ground instead of putting it in harm’s way a fourth time. Given Allen’s ability to run and his big, athletic frame, he opened another wrinkle into the offense. Making him easily one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

That’s what Allen does. He brings new aspects to the table every year. Allen came into the league as a raw prospect with a strong arm and creativity outside the pocket. There are still those consistency concerns from time to time with him, but he is a young quarterback. He will make mistakes. But don’t let that stop you from buying into the Josh Allen stock. Allen has now developed into one of the top ten most dangerous quarterbacks in 2022. And don’t be surprised if the Bills are the most dangerous team in the AFC, and maybe the league, because of it.

2) Aaron Rodgers

ESPN (1), PFN (3), CBS (3)

2021 Stats: 16 games, 366/531, 68.9% completion percentage, 4115 yards, 37 Touchdowns, 4 Interceptions

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have not always seen eye-to-eye. That’s just a fact. But without Aaron Rodgers, this Green Bay Packers franchise does not enjoy the level of success it has for almost two decades. He’s been atop the list of top ten quarterbacks in the league. And going into the 2022 NFL season, there is no sign of that stopping. The back-to-back MVP and first-team All-Pro have seen it all on a football field. Now he’s just enjoying the perks of the game. He’s a constant figure on the Pat McAfee show, a couple of golf tournaments, and hosting Jeopardy. Rodgers is living the high life of one of the best in the league. But when you throw 37 touchdowns and only four interceptions in the entirety of the league year, an organization will be quick to forgive. 

In the ESPN article, an unknown NFC coach did bring up a good point about Rodgers and his ability to keep the ball out of harm’s way. He stated that Rodgers “won’t always take risks” when it is necessary. This line of questioning leads to the ongoing discussion about the greatness of Aaron Rodgers. Can he win another championship? Does he fizzle in the playoffs? Why does he only have one super bowl championship while being one of the most gifted throwers of the football this league has ever seen? The departure of Devante Adams will make it much more difficult for Rodgers to silence the doubters. But with a bruising running game of A.J. Dillon and Aaron Jones and a defense ready to compete this year, it will be up to Aaron to jumpstart this passing game. If Rodgers can do that, the Packers may be holding up the Lombardi one more time before Mr. Rodgers calls it a career.


1)  Patrick Mahomes

ESPN (2), PFN (1), CBS (2)

2021 Stats: 17 games, 436/658, 66.3% completion percentage, 4839 yards, 37 Touchdowns, 13 Interceptions

To round out this top ten quarterbacks list, we have one of the most exciting quarterbacks of our generation. Watching Patrick Mahomes in Andy Reid’s West-Coast offense makes the world a much better place for three hours. It’s true. When the Chiefs are moving in concert on the field, it is a beautiful experience. Mahomes looks off the roaming safety for just enough time to open up the corner route on the sideline. He rolls out of the pocket and throws a drag route in the end zone. Perfectly timed, so the receiver can catch it in stride and drag both of his feet in bounds while avoiding the sea of hands that look to knock the ball to the turf. Mahomes and Reid are looking to shine their creative lights on the football world again this season. 

Mahomes is a magician with a football, that is clear. But with the departure of Tyreek Hill, one of his premium assistants, how much magic will he be able to conjure? The offense didn’t revolve around Hill. He was a luxury. It revolved around the ability of Mahomes to throw a football from anywhere on the field using various angles and, what can only be called super-human, arm strength to get the ball to receivers. And that will not change, in fact, they brought in Ju-Ju Smith Schuster and Skyy Moore to alleviate the fanbase’s concerns.

Mahomes is the prototypical quarterback in this new day and age: big, mobile, rocket arm that can put it anywhere on the field. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs should brace themselves for another deep playoff run. It will be commonplace as long as number 15 is back there. And that’s why he’s listed number one on this list of top ten quarterbacks.

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