Patrick Mahomes: No Longer the Shiny Young Prodigy for Kansas City Chiefs

Players often talk about their journey in the NFL. This journey starts well before the NFL Draft and even college. For many players, especially NFL quarterbacks — the goal is to lead a team to prime efficiency. The focus on the quarterback at all levels is broken down to everything from Super Bowl rings, to the responsibility of representing a city 365 days a year. Basically, it’s not for everyone. The fact of the matter is, Patrick Mahomes already cemented a legacy for the Kansas City Chiefs forever, no matter what happens going forward. Still, there is always more. More rings. More records. Chasing the almost unattainable perception sought by great sports legends like Ben Hogan. Imagine being a star in college and holding the big man on campus license then entering the land of 32 exclusive people where many more fail than succeed.

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Patrick Mahomes: No Longer the Young Prodigy for Kansas City Chiefs

The expectations were always there. The DNA make up of Mahomes oozed a future star in the making. Rising to levels few quarterbacks ever sniff. His star shined brightly. The new kid on the block going toe to toe with Tom Brady in year one in the AFC Championship in his first season starting as the Chiefs quarterback. The next year, Mahomes topped the performance by winning it all.

Mahomes a Legend for the Chiefs before the age of 25

Enter the shiny new star as Mahomes went from promising young quarterback, to the face of the National Football League. and the heart and soul of Kansas City.

This lifelong accomplishment for many came for Mahomes at the age of 25. Imagine being at the top of your profession when most players are still struggling to become a starter or to keep their roster spot.

At the same time, Mahomes earned the right to represent the upper tier of quarterback sensations.

On the other hand, the bar is now set for the next decade for him and the Chiefs. While Mahomes is still a young player by any metric, younger quarterbacks are closing in. Yet age is not the only factor. Russell Wilson starts a rebirth in the city of Denver. He comes to the Denver Broncos — vying to make his mark in the supercharged AFC West.

AFC West is the Land of Gunslinger Dominance

Justin Herbert also looks to make a name in the same division. Furthermore, Derek Carr is not far behind. Add Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns, and the AFC is all of a sudden in a league of its own.

And after the 2022 NFL Draft, another crop of quarterbacks enter the small fraternity of elite quarterbacks. Each will be younger with fresh legs.

The point is, the challenge to Mahomes is the true test of performing at a high level after a five-year dominance of being on top. Ultimately, the fraternity gets smaller year after year of consistent high-level performance.

Mahomes is on pace to be one of the greats. Greatness is measured in sports by “what have you done for me lately?”

Mahomes while still young is expected to at least go to the AFC Championship every other year. Super Bowl rings are the absolute end game. Regardless, Mahomes is now the veteran. Like it or not, he is no longer the shiny new prodigy of the NFL. Mahomes is the veteran quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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