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New York Jets Mock Draft: Final Full Draft for 2024

It's the end of mock draft season, and this New York Jets mock draft will take a look at how the Jets can continue to look like the Packers.
New York Jets Robert Saleh

The New York Jets mock draft season is coming to a close. This offseason was a win-now one for the Jets. They have to try to win while they still have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. So, they had to find a way to make the offense be able to run like the Packers of 2020. They also have the undeniable task of doing so while looking at the future, the most difficult task in sports.

It was a very risky proposition, but if the Jets are successful in 2024, it might just prove Joe Douglas is the right man for the job of general manager.

Let’s take a look at the final mock draft for the Jets this year.

Note: Pro Football Network simulator used for this New York Jets mock draft

Final Full New York Jets Mock Draft


New York Jets get:
No. 14
No. 45

New Orleans Saints get:
No. 10


New York Jets get:
No. 15
No. 82

Indianapolis Colts get:
No. 14

New York Jets 3rd Round Pick, 2025

Round 1, Pick 15: Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

Brock Bowers is the best offensive weapon in the 2024 NFL Draft. His position flexibility makes him the best pick for the Jets in this draft, among those likely to fall to the Jets. The trades didn’t affect his availability.

Bowers is not an all-around tight end by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a willing and adequate blocker, but that’s not a strength. He’s your prototypical move tight end who’s a threat in the passing game. He can line up in line, but where he’ll be most dangerous is at X, Z, or in the slot. There he will be a matchup nightmare and the perfect compliment to Garrett Wilson for years to come.

Round 2, Pick 45: Patrick Paul, OT, Houston

When Jets fans think of Patrick Paul, there’s one name that should come to mind, D’Brickashaw Ferguson. When looking at each individual trait, it’s not necessarily an apples-to-apples comparison. However, when you look at the whole package and gauge what he can be at the next level, Ferguson is the guy.

Paul won’t wow you as an elite tackle, but much like Ferguson, he will be that solid and dependable tackle in all aspects of the position. If Alijah Vera-Tucker can stay healthy and Carter Warren develops as the Jets expect, the Jets will have a good offensive line for the first time since the Rex Ryan years.

Round 3, Pick 72: Beau Brade, SAF, Maryland

Elite is not a word that should be used when describing Brade. However, the Jets don’t need an elite safety. What they do need is a sure tackler in the run game and someone who’s quick to diagnose the opposing offense and make plays on the ball. He doesn’t necessarily have the elite athletic traits that most people look for in a safety, but what he lacks in athleticism he makes up for with his mind.

Round 3, Pick 82: Christian Mahogany, G, Boston College

The Jets need depth at both tackle and guard. At worst, Christian Mahogany would be that depth piece and someone who could be the guard of the future for 2025 and beyond. In the best-case scenario — specifically for Mahogany — would be for him to supplant John Simpson by earning a starting spot in 2024.

He has a good combination of strength and athleticism you want in a guard in today’s NFL. He does need a lot of work, though. His technique is inconsistent at the line of scrimmage, and he will have problems handling secondary moves by opponents.

That said, his football IQ is up there, and he can recognize stunts and twists and pass off correctly. He will also pancake defenders as he’s pulling. If he can work on his major flaws, he will be a good starter in the league for years to come.

Round 4, Pick 111: Michael Pratt, QB, Tulane

Pratt has all the skills you need from a quarterback: good arm strength, great ball placement, top-end reading, and good mobility. The reason he’s going to fall is that he still has a few things to work on. Namely, he holds the ball too long at times, and he’s too quick to run, instead of hanging in the pocket. With the weapons of Bowers, Wilson, and Hall (plus the next pick), with one full season of development, he’d be stepping into something like Patrick Mahomes did in 2018.

Round 4, Pick 134: Brendan Rice, WR, USC

What stands out about Rice isn’t necessarily his ability to create separation with precision. His football IQ, however, is off the charts. He can lull the defender into making a mistake and break off a route different than anticipated. He also has good enough vertical speed and contested catch ability to win on deep shots. With Mike Williams coming off an injury, adding a player the caliber of Rice gives the Jets another vertical option if Williams needs more time than anticipated, or he needs more breathers.

Round 6, Pick 185: Blake Watson, RB, Memphis

Watson is a speed demon with the ball in his hands. He’s also someone who won’t go down immediately, making the first attempt at a tackle miss. He won’t be a strength guy, in terms of breaking tackles. Finally, his reliable hands (both catching and not turning the ball over) make him a great compliment to Breece Hall and someone who can be the RB2 in 2024.

Round 7, Pick 256: Micah Abraham, CB, Marshall

Special teams ace Justin Hardee is now in Cleveland. The Jets also need a developmental piece for the cornerback position, just in case they lose Michael Carter II and/or D.J. Reed in free agency in 2025.

He has the ball skills to make plays in the Jets defense, but he’s a little undersized, and his play strength will be tested at the NFL level against bigger receivers if teams want to create a size mismatch. That said, his tackling ability along with his speed allows him to make the Jets special teams unit right away, and develop as a slot corner of the future.

Round 7, Pich 257: Isaac Rex, TE, BYU

Rex was the best player available at this pick, and someone who can be a special teams player for the Jets. Most likely, though, he won’t make the team.

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