Pittsburgh Steelers Easiest Games of 2022

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The 2022 NFL schedule has been released. The Pittsburgh Steelers had one of the hardest schedules last season and still finished with a 9-7-1 record. Unfortunately for them, their schedule didn’t get much easier this year. This article will cover the easiest games of their 2022 season. This list continues from the previous article about the Steelers most difficult games.

Easiest Games of 2022 for the Pittsburgh Steelers

10) Week 14: vs. Baltimore Ravens

This game is a big home divisional game for the Steelers. In fact, it will be rather difficult to win against a very sound Ravens team coming back from tons of injuries. But, the Steelers have done relatively well against their divisional rivals over the past few years, and they should be able to snag a couple away from their greatest foes in 2022.

11) Week 2: vs. New England Patriots

The Patriots, who made the playoffs last year, had a rather poor draft and offseason. It is unlikely that they make it back to the playoffs again, but they should still be competitive. An early-season matchup with Pittsburgh should prove to be a good game. Both teams are coming off the loss of long-time veteran quarterbacks, but the Steelers new offense could have a strong showing early on in the season.

12) Week 10: vs. New Orleans Saints

The Saints will be a tough and resilient team, but the Steelers likely have the edge in this game. New Orleans played well against multiple really solid teams last year, including Tampa Bay twice and Buffalo on Thanksgiving. After getting Jameis Winston back, the Saints offense could unexpectedly be rather good. But, they have plenty of gaps because of their salary cap issues this past offseason. The Steelers also have a Week 9 bye, so they will be well-rested and ready to play a week later. 

13) Week 12: @ Indianapolis Colts (Monday Night Football)

The Colts are one of the biggest question marks in all of the NFL. They have so much talent, but the question is if they can perform well on both sides of the ball. Their passing game is something to worry about; Matt Ryan only has a couple of guys to throw to, so the Colts could have a pretty disappointing season if things don’t work. Once again, the Colts, who were a decent team in 2021, show up lower on this list, simply because they don’t project to be as good as some of the other great teams that Pittsburgh has on their schedule.

14) Week 8: @ Philadelphia Eagles

The fact that the Eagles made the playoffs last year and are the fourth-worst team on the Steelers schedule goes to show how difficult Pittsburgh’s schedule is. The Eagles should fall off a little bit after their division got a little better through the draft. Their offense wasn’t very productive last year, and the Steelers should be able to attack their weakness in the passing game.

15) Week 13: @ Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons were surprisingly decent last year, finishing 7-10 and being in the wild card race up until Week 18. But, with the losses of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Calvin Ridley over the past few years, the Falcons are depleted. With two younger and unproven quarterbacks on their roster, the Falcons will struggle all year and could very well fall into third or fourth place in the NFC South. Here, the Steelers will likely continue their streak of playing well against bad teams.

16) Week 15: @ Carolina Panthers

The Steelers should take this game rather easily. The Panthers do not have a starting quarterback yet, and their options aren’t the greatest either. Despite it being an away game, expect the Steelers to come into Charlotte and get the job done. The Panthers finished 5-12 last year, and the future doesn’t exactly look promising either. 

17) Week 4: vs. New York Jets

The Jets are likely the easiest opponent on the Steelers schedule. They have struggled to have a positive record for years, and another four-to-six win season for them is likely. The Steelers defense should dominate New York’s lackluster offense and should have an easy win against a young and inexperienced team.

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