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2022 NFL Draft: Pierre Strong Scouting Report

After spending his college years at South Dakota State, running back Pierre Strong is finally declaring for the 2022 NFL Draft.
Pierre Strong NFL Draft

Pierre Strong NFL Draft Overview

Position: Running Back
Height: 5′-11″
Weight: 205 pounds
School: South Dakota State

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Pierre Strong 2022 NFL Draft Profile

After spending his college years at South Dakota State, running back Pierre Strong is ready to take his game to the pros in the 2022 NFL Draft. Strong is coming off yet another impressive season, recording 1,694 rushing yards on 239 attempts (7.1 yards per carry) and 18 touchdowns while adding 22 receptions for 150 yards.

Strong originally joined the college football world as an unheralded recruit. He made an immediate impression in 2018, averaging over 9.0 yards per carry while rushing for 1,116 yards. While he’s never been able to duplicate that insane level of efficiency, he has remained one of the most dangerous runners in his conference throughout his collegiate tenure.


  • Elite straight-line speed and acceleration;
  • Home run threat if he makes it into the second level;
  • Reads his blocks well and typically attacks the open lane;
  • Adjusts well to poor blocking behind the line and can switch up his running lane;
  • Shows promise in pass protection;
  • Solid cuts to avoid would-be tacklers.


  • No tackle breaking ability – if someone makes contact, he goes down;
  • Terrible hands throughout college – drops way too many passes;
  • Not very elusive in close areas;
  • Would much rather run around defensive backs than through them;
  • Not explosive after jump cuts – takes time to build up speed.

NFL Comparison: Lamar Miller

Teams With Need at Position: Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos

Projection: Rounds 4-5

Bottom Line on Pierre Strong

Pierre Strong has what it takes to be a solid complementary part of a backfield. The running back has blazing speed with the potential to turn any carry into a touchdown provided the proper blocking. Cornerbacks and safeties can’t catch up to him in the open field, and if he makes it past the second level, it’s an automatic six points. Provided a rushing lane, Strong will follow his blocks and can adjust to a collapsed lane in the backfield. Additionally, while he’s probably not ready for consistent third down work yet, he does have decent pass blocking potential that could earn him a larger role as his career progresses.

Strong is an NFL-caliber runner, but he lacks the elite traits needed to earn a three-down role. Despite his speed, Strong is one of the worst tackle breakers in the class. He routinely falls victim to arm tackles from defensive linemen, and he doesn’t accelerate through safeties and linebackers. Basically, he’s only as good as his blocking, which puts a major cap on his ceiling.

Additionally, he probably won’t ever develop into a reliable threat in the passing game. While he’s a solid route runner, he could have the worst hands of anyone in the class. His film is littered with drops, and it wasn’t just a one-year issue. Ultimately, Strong will be at his best in a committee approach and can fill in as a full-time starter in the event of injury. That being said, if he’s the best back on your roster, you’re probably in trouble.

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