Atlanta Falcons Trade Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts

Matt Ryan

The Atlanta Falcons are trading quarterback Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts in return for a third-round pick. Ryan, one of the league’s veterans at quarterback, had been with the Falcons for the entirety of his career since 2008.

Matt Ryan Traded to the Indianapolis Colts

For the Falcons part, this ends an era for them as Matt Ryan had been with the Falcons for almost a decade and a half and held basically all the franchise records at quarterback. While his career with the team was up and down at times, they did reach the Super Bowl with him in the 2016 season as well as a previous NFC Championship in the 2012 season. The 2016 season was also the year that Ryan won the MVP award. This move fully signals them going into rebuild mode, especially considering they only got one draft pick in return for Ryan.

For the Colts part, they fill the starting quarterback spot after trading Carson Wentz and continue their trend of bringing in veteran quarterbacks who attempt to resurrect their careers. However, the previous said veteran quarterbacks either retired or were traded after one year; it will remain to be seen if Ryan bucks that trend.

Ryan was drafted by the Falcons in 2008 with the third overall pick and was immediately named their starter. It took him a couple of years to properly break out, but during his first five years, the Falcons consistently either were in the playoffs or at least had a winning record. Ryan had his MVP season in 2016 when he passed for 4,944 yards, 38 touchdowns and seven interceptions. The Falcons went to the Super Bowl that year – only to lose to the New England Patriots in the infamous “28-3” game.

Thus far in his career, Ryan has passed for 59,735 passing yards, 367 touchdowns, and 170 interceptions. He also has 12 career rushing touchdowns. His career has also been notable for its durability, as in 14 years with the Falcons, he only missed three total games.

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