Arizona Cardinals Would Benefit from a Uniform Change

Arizona Cardinals uniforms

The Arizona Cardinals have worn the same outdated uniforms since the 2005 season. Those threads were right with the times upon their debut 17 seasons ago. Today the Cardinals uniforms need an overhaul. As of 2022, the Cardinals remain the final holdover of teams who debuted new uniforms during the Reebok era (2002-2022). That does not include the Houston Texans, an expansion team at the time. So what kind of uniforms should the Arizona Cardinals adopt?

Arizona Cardinals Need a Uniform Change

State Flag Uniforms

Most proponents of a uniform change would love to see the return of the State Flag Uniforms the team wore until the 2004 season. Or at least an updated version of them. Many teams in the NFL went this route, including our two Super Bowl participants, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, who debuted new looks in 2021 and 2020, respectively.

Despite their identity as the State Flag Uniforms, the Flag of Arizona only appeared on the white jersey. The home red jersey contained no markings. Perhaps a slight update to match the home reds with the road whites is in order. Or, since under the old combination the Cardinals often wore white at home, the home reds can become special occasion jerseys. Those jerseys would fit in prime time or home games against division rivals.

Color Rush Uniforms

While the Cardinals started wearing red on red in the early 2000s, a few years before they debuted their latest uniform, they received criticism for wearing the look, with many referring to the mono-red as the “Bloodclot Uniform.” The Cardinals also adopted a mono-black look combination that once served as the Color Rush Uniform back when it was a thing. In the age of third uniforms, it is a given that any team that rebrands may come up with something completely unique.

Take the Washington Commanders, who for the first time in team history, will wear an all-black look featuring a black helmet. The Cardinals could go this route, especially since the league is now allowing teams to adopt alternate helmets. While your historical teams will use the third helmet for throwbacks, the Cardinals, who always sported a white helmet, should get creative.

Black is a good color, yet is too saturated across pro sports. What about something more unique to the Phoenix area? A sand-colored uniform would blend well with the desert backdrop. Not mono-sand, but a sand-colored jersey with white numbering, red outlines, and either red or white pants. That would look cool. Couple the sand jersey with a sand helmet, and the Cardinals have a cool third uniform.

Another recent trend the NFL has undergone includes the gradual purge of TV numbers. Traditionally, these numbers went on the shoulders or sleeves. However, many teams, including the most recent Super Bowl participants, have discarded them. There are other examples, and the Cardinals could also go that route. Overall, a no-frills look works for the Cardinals, along with a potential sand-colored alternate jersey, something the NFL has never seen.

Tradition mixed with innovation would work wonders for the Cardinals. And a uniform change, something fans have spent at least two years calling for, might just set the Cardinals in a new direction.

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