A Fresh Perspective Needed on Offense for New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees and Sean Payton have left the building. The New Orleans Saints offense still has weapons going into next year, but the philosophy likely needs to be different to find success. Almost everything that Sean Payton’s offense accomplished was with one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Most likely, that type of quarterback is not walking into the building this off-season. The Saints still boast several superstar players on the roster for the next iteration to build upon,  but maybe it was time for a change. The New Orleans Saints offense needs a fresh perspective going into next season.

New Orleans Saints Offense Needs a Fresh Perspective

The struggles on offense from this past season should not be squarely blamed on Sean Payton. Before he suffered a season-ending injury Jameis Winston’s injury was beginning to look like an NFL starter again. But during Winston’s brief time under center in New Orleans, the Saints offense still sputtered. Unfortunately, Winston’s injury cost him most of the season so it is not known if the Saints offense could have improved. Ultimately, that does not matter though. Winston is no longer under contract with the Saints and Sean Payton has called it a coaching career, for now, and is attempting to move to the television side of football. The Saints still have plenty of talent left on offense and maybe a new perspective is what is needed in order for them to improve.

Saints Have Players Ready To Contribute

Whoever takes over the Saints offense next season will have several top-tier talents ready to play. Michael Thomas should be back from his ankle injury, which cost him all of the 2021 season. When healthy, Thomas was one of the most prolific pass catchers in the entire NFL. Thomas still holds the record for most receptions in a season, so expect him to want to prove his worth upon returning. There are many wide receivers hitting free agency who would make a good secondary weapon for the Saints offense. Guys like Auden Tate, Byron Pringle, Josh Reynolds, and JuJu Smith-Schuster will all be available for a modest cost this off-season. Pairing one of them with emerging receivers Marquez Callaway and Deonte Harty will give the Saints offense plenty of options. Even using the available players in different ways could make the offense better. After last season, a new offensive system could get the most out of this young unit.

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The Saints offense also boasts one of the most dynamic running backs in the NFL. Alvin Kamara has shown he can do it all from the backfield. Kamara can fit in any offense. He will likely appeal to whoever takes over the Saints offense. Having a weapon like Kamara can change how an offense’s schemes. Likewise, the Saints have a great complimentary running back in Mark Ingram. Ingram showed last year that he can still play well when running between the tackles. These two running backs combined can help a quarterback get comfortable on the team and make their job easier. While Kamara had his lowest yards per carry and a career-low in receiving yards, his numbers could easily turn around in a new offensive system.

Saints Are Attractive for Coaches and Players

The players and culture are already in place in New Orleans. The offensive line will still be good and could improve. To make some significant improvements, the Saints will need to work to clear enough cap room this off-season. Changes are needed on offense to avoid last season’s issues and clearing cap space will allow some moves to be made. With many talented players already in place, any offensive coach should be able to install their system and help the Saints offense find success. Last season’s offense lost the Saints many games. A new perspective could put the team back into the playoffs, especially in a weak NFC South.

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