New Orleans Saints Should Be an Attractive Destination This Off-Season

The New Orleans Saints are in uncharted territory this off-season. One year after losing a future Hall of Fame quarterback, the Saints lost a likely Hall of Fame head coach. Normally, this would be cause for worry among the fans and organization. This would especially be true if this had occurred two decades ago. But the culture that has been built by Sean Payton, the Benson family, and Mickey Loomis will be attractive for anyone going forward. Luckily for everyone still around the team, the Saints will be the top destination for free agents and prospective head coaches this off-season.

Players and Coaches Should View New Orleans Saints as an Attractive Destination This Off-Season

There are multiple head coach openings around the NFL this off-season. The Saints were the last addition to that list with Sean Payton choosing to step down this past week. When this job opened it instantly became the best one available. The Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears have already filled their vacancies, which leaves seven openings currently available. No other job will offer what the Saints can. With the 18th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, a front office that does not mind spending money, and one of the best general managers in football, the Saints can give any head coach candidate options to build a team to their liking.

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While the Saints do not currently have a starting quarterback that might actually help with their head coach search. This will likely draw a head coach candidate more than a situation like the Las Vegas Raiders, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, or Minnesota Vikings. Each of those teams has a shaky commitment at quarterback already. A new head coach will likely want to bring in a quarterback to fit their vision for the team. Each of those other teams is committed to one or more years to their current quarterback. The Saints can promise head coaching candidates they will use the 2022 NFL Draft or trade assets for a veteran quarterback, whichever the new coach desires.

Saints Still Have Some Superstars

The Saints will also bring back most players from one of the NFL’s best defenses in 2021 as most of the Saints defensive players are under contract for the 2022 season. When healthy, the Saints defense showed that they could shut down any offense in the NFL. The Saints shut down Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady during the 2021 season. The talent on the Saints defense will likely be attractive to any head coach candidate as well as free agent players.

The Saints will return many top players, including Marshon Lattimore who is one of the league’s best corners. Cameron Jordan and Marcus Davenport will return to the defensive line. Demario Davis, 0ne of the league’s most underrated linebackers, will also be back to lead the middle of the defense. Most of these players are not only great on the field, but also as leaders in the locker room.

Players on both sides of the ball will want to have the benefit of playing with a shutdown defense. A head coach will see what that unit is capable of, which will be attractive to potential candidates.

The Saints still boast some of the best offensive players at their position in the entire NFL. Record-setting wide receiver Michael Thomas will return next season and perennial All-Pro Alvin Kamara is still on the team at running back.  That duo, along with one of the better offensive lines in football, will make the Saints offense formidable.

Saints Are an Attractive Destination Due To Current Assets

Any person would find New Orleans a desirable destination with the assets currently in place. The front office has shown to be one of the smartest and most progressive in the NFL. They have come up with creative ways to work the salary cap and pay players each year. The Saints roster already has some high-end players who are ready to help lead the team through this immense time of change. No other team currently going through turnover has the positives that the Saints offer. This makes the New Orleans Saints the top destination for coaches and players this off-season.

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