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Five 2022 NFL Draft Prospects From the Big Ten To Remember

Looking at 2022 NFL Draft prospects, fans deserve notes on the players who could land on their team, looking no further than the Big Ten.
2022 NFL Draft

Looking at 2022 NFL Draft prospects, fans deserve some notes on the players who could land on their favorite team. While many watch their favorite college team or conference, they miss a lot of names along the way. In a conference like the Big Ten, however, there are a lot of talented names who fly under the radar. Currently, there’s just a few months left until the draft. Now is a great chance to look at some of the non-star names in each conference.

Underrated 2022 NFL Draft Prospects From the Big Ten To Remember

Haskell Garrett, Defensive Tackle, The Ohio State University

Looking for a big-bodied, physical pass rusher? Well, Haskell Garrett may be the late-round prospect that fits that bill for a given team. Playing with a high-motor and projecting as a three-technique in the NFL, he has the profile of a day one starter. He weighs in at 300 lbs and stands 6’2”, which is good size for the professional game. Further, Garrett pushed pockets for an Ohio State defense that produced 37 sacks (5.5 credited to the defensive tackle) in 2021.

Plagued by his spot in a porous Buckeyes defense last season, Garrett may have been a victim of staying a year too long. Last year, Garrett was drawing first round praise. Instead, he’s more likely to be a Day Three pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Is it concerning that Garrett was a part of a defense that drastically regressed in 2021? Sure. However, his high ceiling will keep NFL teams interested.

Jake Ferguson, Tight End, Wisconsin

Frankly, most don’t think of Wisconsin as a printing press for professional-level tight ends. In Jake Ferguson, however, they’ve got a guy who could make a lasting impact in the NFL. Standing 6’5” and 244 pounds, his size and strength are ideal for the professional game. Ferguson is a quality route runner who finds soft spots with ease. Granted, he’s not that great after the catch, though he does have a little wiggle to his game.

Further, picking up 450 yards and three touchdowns on 46 catches this season is a nice sample. However, there are some issues with Ferguson’s blocking. Wisconsin’s ground-and-pound game often calls for tight ends to stay home in pass protection. Now, in opportunities against edge rushers, Ferguson left a lot to be desired. While he does have upside and a low floor, he projects as a mid-tier tight end. However, a third round pick could be a great value spot for the talented Badger tight end.

Daniel Faalele, Tackle, Minnesota

Standing at a hulking 6’9” and 379 pounds, you wouldn’t be crazy if you assumed Daniel Faalele was a misprint on this list as an NBA Draft target. Instead, the 22-year-old tackle from Minnesota is one of the NFL’s more intriguing prospects. The issue for a lot of teams? The floor looks pretty low for Faalele, who doesn’t have the seasoning of an NFL tackle. His hands end up in bad spots too often and generally speaking, his technique is quite raw.

On the other hand, the physical tools are second-to-none in this year’s draft pool. Obviously, the size is a natural eye-popper here for most casual observers. Unsurprisingly, Faalele has incredible power and strength that blows defenders away when he lands his punches.

David Bell, Wide Receiver, Purdue

Perhaps David Bell is too big of a name to be on this list, but he’s too underrated to leave off the list. Given Purdue’s seventh-ranked passing offense in terms of yardage in 2021 (4,619), which isn’t standard for their program. Traditionally, Purdue is one of the more archaic Big Ten offenses. Meanwhile, a prospect like David Bell can change everything that fans expect from a given offense.

Bell is a top-tier route runner and very well might be the best at that skill in his class. Adding on, his body control within the route tree makes lives hard for defensive backs. In the NFL, when he’s playing with more talented quarterbacks, that skill will make him a big-time threat. However, his lack of top-end speed and strength are the knocks to his profile. While adding speed is a big ask, adding strength is doable. Putting on some muscle will certainly help Bell unjam in press coverage.

Hassan Haskins, Running Back, Michigan

All things considered, if Hassan Haskins only had tape against Ohio State this season, he’d be grading out even higher. Instead, Haskins looks like a plucky option to be an early running back to come off the board in this class. Haskins doesn’t have extreme burst, but his patience and vision give him a pro-level future. Also, he’s got the goal line skillset that teams desire in a power runner.

Further, his size is going to be appealing to NFL offenses. With a height of 6’1” and weighing in at 220 pounds, he’s built to be a bell cow. Additionally, he seems like a tailor-made fit for a lot of zone and power/gap running schemes. Still, he doesn’t have that superstar edge. At Michigan, he wasn’t one to steal the day as a pass catcher. Also, he struggles to create if a play gets off script. Regardless, he’s a talented traditional power back and will make the right team quite happy.

The 2022 NFL Draft is coming up quite fast. In fact, it’ll only be about three months until the Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock with their first pick. For now, it’s a great chance to get to know some of the prospects. Looking at the Big Ten, there’s certainly some prospects that’ll make teams enticed. For now, it’ll be up to these teams to find their favorite targets in the class.

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