Sean Payton Played in Perfect Harmony With Players and Coaches

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Another offseason is upcoming soon for the 2022 New Orleans Saints. And just like many others recently, the drama follows. There is never a lack of storylines going into the offseason recently. Whether it be the retirement of Drew Brees. Dealing with a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina. And now, the retirement of Sean Payton came on Tuesday.

Sean Payton Played in Perfect Harmony With Players and Coaches

It’s impossible to put into words what Peyton means to the franchise and the city of New Orleans. He was the Walt Disney of offensive creativity. The play-caller who created magic in a black and gold castle. There was no good time for a major transition like this. That being said, at least the Saints have plenty of time to go into the 2022 NFL season.

Make no mistake, this team was extremely close to being a playoff contender. Adding a piece or two makes the black and gold a legitimate Super Bowl contender. While the focus is on getting a quarterback for the future, the defense is set to be one of the best in the league going into 2022. But if you ask Sean Payton what it takes to be successful, the recipe is more simple than complicated.

“For (all) people talk about culture, and like what’s the secret teams (with head coaching openings are looking for) right now,” Payton said in his retirement press conference. “Eight teams, nine teams, they’re all searching for the right culture that everyone wants to know-how. Yet, if I was writing a book, I’d say it’s also very simple. It requires us all to kind of lay down our arms and our egos for the best of the team. And if we ask that of our players, then certainly we have to ask that of our organization.”

Culture Founders Still in the Building

A lot can be said about Payton from a football standpoint, but it’s the way he went about creating a culture here in New Orleans. And most of the building blocks are still in place to have much success with or without Payton.

Of course, the number one goal was to keep Sean Payton in New Orleans for the next 20 years plus. He’s irreplaceable as was Drew Brees. Every franchise goes through this process. The Saints have been fortunate enough to have stability since 2006. Even without Brees, the Saints finished 9-8 with four different quarterbacks. It’s unheard of. Absolutely historical. Surely, Payton should be admired for steadying the ship through all of it.

Payton has earned his right to retire on move on to another challenge if it’s the right thing for him and his family. No one could disagree.

However, ownership is in place. Not to mention, the building is filled with people vested into the New Orleans Saints as a whole.

The Appreciation After Katrina

No one person runs an NFL franchise. And Mickey Loomis isn’t moving. So take a deep breath. This franchise is in safe hands. While the Saints would miss Payton sorely — others are here long-term waiting for their chance. Just like Sean Payton years ago. And there was Sean Payton giving his final address to the media. This point stuck out — a testament to how the whole organization overcame plenty throughout the years.

“I don’t know if any of you remember the movie Jerry Maguire,” Payton said. There is a scene in that movie where Tom Cruise is in an office building. He shouts out who’s coming with me and he grabs a goldfish and Renee Zellweger says I’ll come. And they began a journey. In 2006, 16 years ago it felt like that way at the time. There’s a special spot in my heart for the coaches, the staff, the players, everyone who came when 90% of the cars were leaving, I can remember the traffic heading south but all of it was going north.”

Make no mistake, this franchise will miss Payton for a long time. But the future is pointing upwards — regardless of who’s comes in as the new coach.

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