Denver Broncos Must Sustain Defensive Success Post Vic Fangio

Broncos Defensive Success

Fans are waiting to move forward with a new head coach, but it is vital the Denver Broncos continue the defensive success they have always had. General manager George Paton must be careful not to make the same mistakes of the past. However, while Vic Fangio didn’t take the Broncos to the playoffs, he did have some strengths. It would be ideal if Paton hires someone who not only turns the offense around but has the defensive expertise that Fangio possessed.

Denver Broncos Must Sustain Defensive Success Post Vic Fangio

Keep Opposing Quarterbacks at Bay

On the defensive side of the ball, the Broncos did a decent job. Nothing like their Super Bowl-winning defense, but it certainly was stronger than their offense. Fangio having defensive success in the past still excelled in this area. His weakness was the inability to put an end to explosive games from opposing quarterbacks, especially those in the same division. Patrick Mahomes was the only quarterback in the AFC West who struggled against Fangio’s defense. In his last four meetings with the Broncos, his passing yardage was average, and he only managed to throw three touchdown passes.

The new head coach must ensure his defensive coordinator improves on Fangio’s defensive work and pick apart other divisional quarterbacks, not just Mahomes. The defense has always been Denver’s strongest asset; it is imperative they keep it from regressing.

Get the Most Out of Defensive Players

Fangio has built a reputation for himself being able to get the most out of his defensive players. The most recent example came when Denver’s linebacker corps fell apart with injuries or COVID protocol. He gave unknown players like Jonas Griffith, Steven Weatherly, and Kenny Young a chance, and according to Kenneth Booker of Fan Nation, they would have thrived and possibly played the best ball of their careers with Fangio. If the new head coach guides his linebacker coach, the Broncos linebackers will be able to develop into real threats to opposing teams.

Continue To Develop the Secondary

Fangio brought out the best in the secondary. It showed when safety Justin Simmons and slot cornerback Bryce Callahan were on the field. With Fangio at the helm, Simmons was placed into a system where he could excel. It led to Simmons becoming the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL. Meanwhile, Callahan has developed into one of the league’s best slot corners.

Defensive Red Zone Dominance Should Be Harnessed

Broncos’ defense always struggled with getting off the field on third down. However, their performance in the red zone was never in question. In fact, it was paramount to bolstering Denver’s low-scoring offense. Fangio’s red-zone prowess gave the Broncos a chance to stay in games they would otherwise have lost from the get-go. It is the hope that Denver’s offense will really take off in 2022. Whether it does or not, the Broncos’ defensive red zone dominance must be maintained to keep them in each game as long as possible.

While Fangio was abysmal at being a head coach, his expertise in defense cannot be ignored. The ideal scenario would be for the Broncos to improve on their offense and special teams while maintaining impressive performance on defense. That is the only way Denver can climb back up.

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