Denver Broncos Look To Fix Entire Offense, Not Just Quarterback

Broncos Fix Offense

The Denver Broncos are looking to fix their entire offense, not just the quarterback. They know there are issues throughout that side of the ball, and fixing these issues begins with finding the right head coach. From there, it will start to take shape when the right coordinators and position coaches join the franchise to guide the players correctly.

Denver Broncos Look To Fix Entire Offense, Not Just the Quarterback

Starting With the Quarterback…again

General manager George Paton and the team will conduct a “deep dive” so they can identify the future of the franchise at every position. Starting at quarterback, it will be history repeating itself. Actual consistency at the position has been lacking for years. Regardless of the name mentioned, Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch, Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater, all lacked the consistency and accuracy that the top quarterbacks have.

The Broncos thought they had the answer with Bridgewater in 2021. He started 14 games, throwing for a career-high 18 touchdowns and limited turnovers, helping to lead the team to a 7-6 record, before a concussion in Week 15 put him out for the last three weeks. Lock had previously struggled with turnovers when filling in for Bridgewater, but in his last three starts, he avoided turning the ball over. The team still suffered losses in each of those games.

Paton implied that Bridgewater was slightly better at the job, but made it known that the entire offense needs work. As Ben Swanson reported, Paton said, “I like the way Drew finished the season. He didn’t turn the ball over in his starts, but we want to win games. Part of the quarterback’s job is to win, and we were close, but we need to finish those games. Teddy did a nice job for the most part; he was up and down as well, as was our whole offense.”

It’s Not Always the Quarterback’s Fault

Denver’s entire offense needs major improvements. They cannot fall back into their old ways next season. It seems elementary, but they must improve on their catching and blocking. It’s the little nuances that contribute to a team being elite instead of just mediocre. Paton emphasized this. “We need to make the key plays in the key moments of games, and we haven’t done that. Whether it’s a drop here, a penalty there, a missed block, a fumble… you’re not going to win many games when you lack those details and you make those mistakes in key moments.”

The New Head Coach Must Have a Plan for the Offense

No matter the background of the new head coach, the priority will be to upgrade the offense. Paton was adamant that any head coach candidate who is defensive-minded will need to be ready with a clear plan for their offensive coordinator and coaching staff. Defense cannot be forgotten, and special teams must be elevated too. “We’re just not focused on one side of the ball, even though we need to really upgrade on that side of the ball.”

The players may have the talent, and the quarterback may be important, but they can only improve with the right leader. The ideal head coach will lead his staff and his players down the right track – to the playoffs.

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