The End of an Error: Denver Broncos Fire Vic Fangio

A franchise with a history of success like the Denver Broncos has no business being as mediocre as the team has been in the last few years. As such, the team fired head coach Vic Fangio today after finishing a third consecutive season with a losing record. The coaching change comes as a surprise to virtually nobody. Fangio’s tenure was marred by clock mismanagement, anemic offense, and coach’s challenges that left Broncos Country scratching their heads. The team takes their first step toward returning to form as the Broncos fire Fangio.

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End of an Error: Denver Broncos Fire Vic Fangio

This failed experiment for Denver was Fangio’s first head coaching job in the league after 19 years as a defensive coordinator with five teams. He also accrued 13 years as a linebackers coach for two teams. Most recently having coached a league-best Chicago Bears defense, Fangio failed to meet expectations in the Mile High City. Despite his track record with defenses, his defense did not fully deliver on said expectations until 2021. It was not until Fangio’s final season with the Broncos that the defense truly put it together. The defense finished this season with their best rankings since the final years of the vaunted No Fly Zone.

Fangio only managed to coach the team to wins in 19 of his 49 games at the helm. This is good for a paltry .388 winning percentage, the worst three-year winning percentage the team posted in the last fifty years. Whatever promise Fangio may have had, a fifth consecutive season with a losing record precluded the team from bringing the veteran coach back for another year. Even with rosters as talented as the Broncos have fielded over the last three years, Fangio was unable to surpass a .500 record in any season. Week 18’s perplexing decision to kick the field goal proved an appropriate coup de grâce for Fangio’s tenure.

A fresh start is exactly what the franchise needs after half a decade of mediocrity. As the Denver Broncos fire Vic Fangio, the decorated franchise must clean house and rebuild their coaching staff.

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