Making the Case For Russell Wilson for the New Orleans Saints

Russell Wilson New Orleans
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The marriage between quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks is heading into an ugly divorce. Wilson has been calm about the Seahawks inability to put an efficient offensive line around him, but the team has failed to deliver on this promise. The Seahawks are heading into their first losing season with Wilson as their starting quarterback. He and his agent are preparing for life outside of the Seahawks with three viable options, one of them being the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are a team that looks to quickly figure out if their quarterback Jameis Winston is their franchise quarterback. They may upgrade by trading for Wilson and become the Super Bowl contender they were when they had Drew Brees.

Making the case for Russell Wilson for the New Orleans Saints

Russell Wilson and Sean Payton will create an elite offense

New Orleans head coach Sean Payton is one of the most brilliant offensive minds in the NFL. This season, the Saints have struggled significantly without star wide receiver Michael Thomas and the season-ending injury to Winston. New Orleans ranks 17th in the league in points per game (21.1) and 31st in passing yards per game (187). Their offense has stalled significantly since Winston tore his ACL in the 36-27 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Saints originally thought that Trevor Siemian could lead the offense to an elite status but struggled significantly. Taysom Hill, a special project of coach Payton, has not been an efficient leader either despite winning two of the three games for the Saints. The Saints have averaged 11.7 points per game with Hill as a starter. It has been the defense for New Orleans keeping their current playoff hopes alive.

Coach Payton has been the developer of some of the most elite offenses for several seasons in New Orleans. The Saints have been in the top five of points per game in each of the last five seasons in the NFL. In the last year of Brees, New Orleans’ offense ranked fifth in points per game (30.1). Having a high-caliber playmaker like Wilson to a team with elite talent in running back Alvin Kamara will benefit the Saints. Wilson is a quarterback that help develop some of New Orleans’ underrated receivers into high-caliber playmakers. Marquez Callaway could be a reliable top option for Wilson and New Orleans as he has caught 40 receptions for 601 yards and six touchdowns.

Seattle and New Orleans could trade their disgruntled stars

The Saints could make a serious run at an elite passer in Wilson, but it will not come cheap. Seattle will be looking for multiple first-round picks, something that the New York Giants have in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft. New Orleans might pull the trade for Wilson, but they will need to use multiple first-round picks for the next couple of seasons or they will need to sweeten the deal. The Saints could pull the Seahawks by trading their own disgruntled star playmaker in wide receiver Michael Thomas.

New Orleans has not been happy with Thomas’s timing process to treat his ankle during the off-season. There were continuing talks of New Orleans trading Thomas as a measure of getting rid of their headache. The Saints are already in salary cap Hell and bringing Wilson and his expensive contract will be a disaster. Trading Thomas will significantly lighten the salary cap. A blockbuster trade between NFL stars will be headlining news for many months as both the Saints and the Seahawks get the rebuild they need.

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