New York Jets should Re-Sign Braxton Berrios

Braxton Berrios
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Throughout the season, the New York Jets have lacked consistency. Injuries and flat-out poor play have been a problem for the Jets. It has seemed like the team could not find its footing. But, one player who has been refreshing to watch is wide receiver, Braxton Berrios.  There have been some great moments from rookies Elijah Moore and Michael Carter. But, the most crucial factor in the NFL is consistency. Staying healthy is critical, and Berrios has played every game this season.  Hopefully, Joe Douglas will make an effort to re-sign Berrios this off-season because he is a valuable piece to this team and has a future with the Jets. 

Reasons Braxton Berrios Should Be Extended by New York Jets

Special Teams Production

The first reason the Jets should be fighting to bring Berrios back for next season is for his contributions on special teams. So far this season, Berrios is averaging a league-best 28.7 yards per return. 

The Jets have had some great kick returners in the past and should know how just one return can change the entire game. We’ve also seen this happen in the 2021 season. Berrios has had opening kickoff returns, like the one against the Philadelphia Eagles, which gave the offense a great scoring chance.  Berrios is a weapon on special teams; if he were to leave, it could create a hole in the Jets return game that would be difficult to fill. 

Offensive Versatility

A second reason to re-sign Berrios is he can lineup virtually anywhere on the offensive side of the ball. Berrios has become a gadget player in Mike LaFleur’s system, and this has helped spark the offense. 

Having players like Berrios helps open up the playbook. It also gives the offense some creative play designs, like the 3rd and 15 lateral play from Jamison Crowder to Berrios, which resulted in a first down against the Miami Dolphins

Also, this could help with Zach Wilson’s development by using Berrios as a reliable target. Wilson needs to know he can rely on his wideouts and sometimes needs them to make a great play. Berrios could become one of those players, and for this reason, the Jets should try to retain him on the roster. 

Veteran Leadership

Finally, Berrios offers some veteran presence to one of the youngest teams in the league. It’s always nice to have some veterans who can help younger players find their way in the league. Berrios can become a staple in the locker room for this young Jets team. 

Considering the Jets might be moving on from a few of their older players, it wouldn’t hurt to keep Braxton Berrios around for a few more years and let him become a mentor to other wide receivers. Also, he is now familiar with the system. As stated above, he has been learning multiple positions, allowing him to become a player-coach for many roles. 

In the end, Braxton Berrios has been having himself an incredible season. It has been difficult for the Jets to find talent and be able to keep that talent around. There is no reason the New York Jets should make this harder on themselves and not re-sign Braxton Berrios. 

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