Making the Case for Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson Broncos

The marriage between quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks is heading into an ugly divorce. Wilson has been calm about the Seahawks’ inability to put an efficient offensive line around him, but the team has failed to deliver on this promise. The Seahawks are heading into their first losing season with Wilson as their starting quarterback. Russell Wilson and his agent are preparing for life outside of the Seahawks with three viable options, with one of them being the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos are a team that will build around Wilson, and they are in a win-now situation. As the off-season is set for most teams, the Seahawks may have no choice but to start their rebuilding process. 

Why Russell Wilson Would Be A Perfect Fit for Denver Broncos

A Quarterback Away

John Elway has been searching for the quarterback to lead his Broncos since Peyton Manning. He has made more misses than hits with Paxton Lynch, Drew Lock, and Case Keenum. Wilson is a huge upgrade and is still playing at a high level of football.

The Broncos are currently 7-6 and in third place of the AFC West. They are behind the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers, who have young Pro-Bowl quarterbacks. While Teddy Bridgewater has been fine leading the offense, Wilson can create an explosive offense that possesses many young but established playmakers in wide receiver Courtland Sutton, wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, and tight end Noah Fant. The Broncos are ranked 19th in the league in passing yards per game (221.9).

Wilson has the star power and experience to create multiple high-scoring performances against Patrick Mahomes III and his elite Chiefs offense. Having Wilson under center will propel the Broncos to instant threats in the AFC as they already have the dynamic playmakers in the backfield and receivers.

The offensive line for the Broncos has found a groove of being consistent at protecting the quarterback. They will be back to becoming true competitors of the AFC West again and instant playoff threats. Denver has not made the playoffs since their magical title run during the 2015 season, and that is largely because of the questions at quarterback. Wilson will be the most established quarterback Denver would have seen Manning lead the team.

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Seattle Needs to Rebuild

The Seahawks would be asking for an impressive haul in exchange for Wilson. Denver has all of their first-round picks in the NFL Draft for several seasons and picked up second and third-round picks from the Los Angeles Rams by trading Von Miller.

Denver may have to trade multiple first-round picks and change in exchange for Wilson. They can reduce the trade package by trading Lock to the Seahawks. The Seahawks could use those multiple picks by the Broncos and Lock to start their rebuilding process.

With Lock as their quarterback, they can use those picks to acquire an efficient offensive line. This offensive line has given 39 sacks, the fourth-most in the league. Seattle will start their rebuilding process at the end of the trade, and Denver will have their franchise quarterback.

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