Josh Lambo Claims Urban Meyer Kicked Him During Warmups

Josh Lambo
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Josh Lambo is a former kicker for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was cut after playing in just three games this season due to accuracy issues. He had been with the team the four previous seasons and was a beloved member of the team. Though Lambo’s time under Urban Meyer in Jacksonville was short, Meyer seems to have made an impact on the kicker. Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reported on some perhaps disturbing news. Lambo claims that he was kicked by the Jaguars head coach during a warm-up in August.

Josh Lambo Claims He Was Kicked by Urban Meyer During Warm-ups

Lambo was cut by the Jaguars on October 19th after the preseason and early in the season struggles. It’s been almost two months since his departure from the team. However, with the whirlwind of bad news surrounding Meyer, Lambo drives into focus once more.

Per Lambo’s claim, he was stretching in a lunge position when Meyer approached him. Meyer said “Hey dips–t, make your fu–ing kicks” and kicked him in the leg. Lambo went on to say that he’d register the kick as a five out of 10 with regards to intensity. Meyer reportedly refuted the claim that he kicked Lambo, saying his “characterization of me and this incident is completely inaccurate”. However, Lambo reportedly also spoke to his agent about the situation who then relayed this to the Jaguars legal team. Though nothing moved forward after that, this is the first time the public is aware of this incident.

The Tampa Bay Times article also details how Meyer reportedly didn’t call special teams players by name, but rather “kicker” or “punter”. This incident is sure to continue the drama for Meyer in Jacksonville.

Lambo was with the Jaguars from 2017 to 2021, taking part in the AFC Championship run that the Jaguars had. He’s the most accurate kicker in franchise history. Lambo’s field goal percentage with the Jags was 90.1%.

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