Josh Allen Dominates Josh Allen in Jacksonville Jaguars Victory

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Josh Allen bested Josh Allen today. You heard that right. The Jacksonville Jaguars won thanks in part to a great performance by Allen. Not the quarterback, but the third-year defensive end out of Kentucky. This was a historical moment, as it was the first time a player has sacked a quarterback who shares the same name. It wasn’t just a sack for Allen though. He filled up the stat sheet in other areas as well. Ever since the Jaguars drafted Allen in 2019, Jacksonville locals liked to think of their Allen as the “Good Josh Allen.” Of course, the Buffalo Bills Josh Allen is quite good, but the young Jaguars defender put on a show at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday.

Josh Allen Dominates Josh Allen in Jacksonville Jaguars Victory

Josh Allen has a Historical Performance

As you can see from the above tweet, Allen’s sack of the Bills Allen is the first time in NFL history that a QB was sacked by a player of the same name. Sunday’s match-up was the first time the two players have faced off against each other. Allen of the Bills was the seventh overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Allen of the Jaguars was the seventh overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. On Sunday, the Jaguars Josh Allen was the good one.

Allen did more than just sack Allen today. Allen sacked, tackled, intercepted, and recovered a fumble from the Bills QB with the same name. He finished with eight solo (and total) tackles, one sack, two tackles for loss, one pass defended, one quarterback, hit, and one interception. Allen now has 5.5 sacks on the season and he leads his team in that statistical category. No one expected the Jaguars to beat the Bills this week. The Bills are a playoff team and Super Bowl contenders. But any given Sunday anything can happen. Allen’s strong performance helped the Jaguars take down a team that should have beaten them.

Trevor Lawrence has a Gutsy Performance

The Jaguars rookie quarterback was not the star of the day. However, it was a gutsy performance that he displayed. Trevor Lawrence sprained his ankle early in the game and was questionable to return. But he did just that.

According to the tweet above, Lawrence was ready to fight head coach Urban Meyer to get back into the game. Lawrence’s health is of course very important to this franchise. But it’s still great to see the young player be that fired up to play through an injury. Though Lawrence hasn’t had a break-out performance yet, it’ll come eventually. He’s got the talent and the tools to succeed. Additionally, if you’ve watched the Jaguars at length this year, you know Lawrence wants to be the best that he can be. Lawrence finished his day 15 of 26 for 118 yards. Nothing flashy, but he took care of the football.

The Jacksonville Jaguars Must Build off of This Victory

The Jags now have two wins on the season. They sit at 2-6 after eight games. The team has surpassed its 2020 win total with nine games to go. Although they have looked disorganized, unprepared, and outmatched at times this season; they proved today that they can beat any team on any given Sunday. There’s much to improve on, but this game should provide hope for the rest of the season.

While the Jaguars are not likely playoff contenders, they’ve got a shot to win more games this season. They won Sunday due to a strong defensive performance. There haven’t been many of those this season from this team. They should build off of today’s win. Lawrence has yet to have a break-out performance. Perhaps that changes at some point over the next nine games. The coaching staff hasn’t been stellar this year, but they’ve got a shot to prove themselves with the remaining games.

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