Jerry Jeudy Is Poised for Great Second Season With Denver Broncos

Jerry Jeudy
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Jerry Jeudy is poised for a great second season with the Denver Broncos. This may sound like a simplistic statement, but the evidence is there. Jeudy knows the system and has more confidence now with a full season under his belt. Additionally, he will benefit from stability under center and being surrounded by better weapons to work with.

Jerry Jeudy Has High Expectations Entering Second NFL Season

The 15th overall pick of last year’s draft suffered through a rookie season where he was renowned for his butterfingers. He tallied a team-high 10 drops, including five in Week 15. But despite catching only 46% of his 113 targets, Jeudy’s potential shone through. He still racked up 856 yards and three touchdowns on 58 grabs.

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Refined Route-Running

The wide-out entered the NFL in 2020 with a reputation as an elite route-runner. He cemented that reputation by putting down some big plays, most notably his 92-yard touchdown catch against the Las Vegas Raiders. That was the longest touchdown reception in the league last season. He continued his form this preseason by converting five targets into three receptions for 73 yards.

Jeudy explained that he spent the summer working on the intricacies of his route-running. It is clear he has it all figured out now. Timing is everything, and he knows it. “You’ve got to know the time and the place (to cut), and where you’re at on the (quarterback’s) progression. That’s the biggest thing I improved on this year — knowing the timing of the route, and where I’m at in the progression to time that up with the route-running.”

Combined with a greater understanding of Pat Shurmur’s offense, his newly refined route-running will truly be taken to the next level.

Jeudy Has a Plan for Every Situation

Shurmur believes starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will provide the stability that Jeudy needs to thrive. “Jeudy is 22, Hamler is 22,” Shurmur said. “For someone like Teddy, I think he can stabilize this offense because I think this offense is really talented.”

Meanwhile, head coach Vic Fangio, has observed Jeudy’s intense focus throughout training camp. In an article by Broncos reporter Sam Weaver, Fangio said, “He’s a much more mature player right now. He knows what he’s doing in our system and he’s playing with a lot more confidence.” With Bridgewater throwing him the ball, plus the return of Courtland Sutton, Jeudy will have plenty of single-coverage opportunities.

Bridgewater is clearly looking forward to working with Jerry Jeudy. “He’s a guy who just knows how to get open… he’s a guy who has a plan every snap. If a defensive back is playing him outside leverage, he’ll come up with a plan in order to win to get to where he needs to be in order to get the ball. If a guy is playing him inside leverage or tries to jump-jam him, he always has a plan. You love to see that in your wide receivers because now they know how to get open, they know how to create separation. If you’ve been following him throughout training camp and even throughout his early career, he’s been finding ways to get open and he’s been having some success.”

Jeudy showed encouraging signs in Denver’s first two preseason games (he played only eight snaps in the third game). He displayed real shiftiness in the open field, a very good quality to have. His gains of 19 to 24 yards after each reception against the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks are also indicators of significant development.

Jeudy already had a reputation coming into the NFL last year and clearly has the skills and mindset to play at a high level. 2021 may be the year he truly breaks out.

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