Denver Broncos Approach Season with Several Questions Still Needing Answers

Patrick Surtain II
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The Denver Broncos may have started off the preseason with an emphatic victory, but some big questions remain. While it’s natural for every team to have uncertainties in the preseason, there is an urgency for the Broncos to address theirs quickly, to avoid the disappointments of the last few seasons. Some of their questions revolve around their quarterback situation and rookie cornerback Patrick Surtain II.

Patrick Surtain II Highlights Remaining Questions for Denver Broncos

The Broncos have a chance to right their wrongs this season. They made a promising start, and it is hoped they can follow through and return to some of the success they once had. There are some lingering issues, but unlike previous seasons, they can all be overcome.

How Can Patrick Surtain II Be Used?

The Broncos invested in Patrick Surtain II during the draft, with his size being a major factor. He was fitted to play boundary cornerback, but with his size, he can be used all over the field. At 6-foot-2, he matches well against tight ends, which could be invaluable to Denver in a division that boasts some of the biggest threats, like Travis Kelce. Where he will fit in the defense is still a mystery, but he seems capable of making a big impact.

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The Quarterbacks: Too Close To Call Just Yet

It was for one reason that the Broncos traded for Teddy Bridgewater – to push Drew Lock into becoming a more dynamic quarterback. It seemed to work as Lock repeatedly said he was determined to work on his weaknesses. His teammates could see him working harder with a ‘first to arrive, last to leave’ work ethic.

Lock’s efforts paid off in Denver’s first preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings. He surpassed 100 yards passing on just seven attempts, with no turnovers. Bridgewater entered in the second quarter and kept the offense moving. He led multiple scoring drives that included a touchdown pass to Trinity Benson.

Both quarterbacks moved the ball and scored points. Lock’s rating of 153 was almost twice that of his rating at the end of the 2020 season (79). Bridgewater’s rating of 144 was impressive too. It is really encouraging to see both quarterbacks performing well, but it will be that much harder for the coaches to decide on the lead signal caller.

That Edge-Rushing Duo

Fans were highly anticipating the return of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb in 2021. The pass rushers were set to wreak havoc on opponents in 2019 and 2020, until injuries took them both out in back-to-back seasons. Before this, they played 20 games together and combined for 29.5 sacks.

Kicker Brandon McManus had sung Miller’s praises during camp, saying he “never looked better.” Miller himself said he was looking forward to doing what he was best known for. “Get sacks, force turnovers… win games.” Once upon a time, no one could block him one-on-one, as Chubb pointed out earlier in the year.

They are now a healthy pair, craving dominance and hoping to live up to the hype around them. Kenneth Booker of Mile High Huddle believes the key to their dominance is Denver’s depth at the position. Malik Reed and rookies Jonathan Cooper and Andre Mintze will allow Miller and Chubb to regain their pass-rushing form.

Can Jerry Jeudy Perform as Expected?

The first preseason game wasn’t a fruitful one for route-running specialist Jerry Jeudy. The multiple drops showcased nothing like his 2020 performance. Last season, defensive backs were tripping over his crisp routes, unable to keep up with him. Jeudy has been working hard. If it was just a bad day, chances are his efforts will translate to the field and he can repeat his rookie performance or improve on it.

The Broncos have endured many disappointments. They are at a point where they need to address their biggest questions quickly to achieve stability. Only then can they be a threat again.

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