Hurricane Ida Turns New Orleans Dark as Saints Prepare for Green Bay Packers

Hurricane Ida
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There are times when a city’s football fans face adversity. The fanbase of the Cleveland Browns lost their team temporarily. The Buffalo Bills losing four straight Super Bowls. And yes, even the Atlanta Falcons fans suffered their demise to Tom Brady’s miraculous come back. Still, the mere thought of getting hit with multiple natural disasters are usually an afterthought. Unless it happens to you.

The New Orleans Saints Prepare for the Green Bay Packers After Hurricane Ida

People from around the world remember Hurricane Katrina. They saw the images and hours of suffering 16 years ago. Dark days for Saints fans brought hopelessness and despair.

The images on television from 2006 brought countless people to the city of New Orleans to give a helping hand. Some even relocated there. Even now, that one moment of rampant devastation brought a sense of connecting to a place needing help. And those same people are nearly 20 years older. Home for them is in the Crescent City. For better or for worse. There is no place like it.

They’ve built houses — raised children and maybe even opened up a business to start a legacy. They were a part of something. Something sacred. Something to bond over. That explosion of people moving to New Orleans garnished the attention of younger people. Everyone wanted to be a part of it. Coming to the city of New Orleans automatically enrolled you inside of Who Dat Nation.

The New Orleans Saints winning a Super Bowl in 2009 was just a cherry on top. Those were special times. A generation not familiar with the dreaded days of losing seasons as their elders went through. Nonetheless, the years went by with countless stories from the days of Pre-Katrina and Post-Katrina.

Hurricane Ida Brings Back Bad Memories from Katrina

Those same people at thought Katrina was the once in a generation storm. And the case can be made for it. The levee breach flooded most of the city. Countless people stranded. Many moved and never came back. Either way, the scars are there. And the people who stayed figured Katrina was the big one. No other hurricane will ever be as bad as Katrina.

Until now. Stories of Hurricane Betsy and Camille were mentioned by an older generation. The stories felt historical but not real, unless you were around at that time.

But now, Hurricane Ida has left her trail of destruction. Unfortunately, the arrival coincidentally made landfall 16 years later to the day Katrina hit. The game against the Atlanta Falcons still remains one of the most sacred of all games. The Saints returned with one glorious moment from Steve Gleason. A kick heard around the world. That one moment captivated the minds of NFL fans everywhere. Some say, that one block was right up there with the Super Bowl victory.

While this may be true, the city is once again taking a gut punch. This on top of a pandemic without Drew Brees since 2006.

As 31 teams and their fans eagerly await opening day, Saints fans would love to just have electricity. Being in New Orleans without air conditioning is a smothering influx of hot air beating on you constantly. In addition, the timeline is not certain. Players are once again wondering how long they’ll be in Dallas. Not to mention, trying to focus on a new season with plenty of challenges Ida aside.

Who Dat Nation Will Rise Again

Somehow the Saints have to be ready for the Green Bay Packers in less than two weeks. Football doesn’t seem important right now. Obviously, there are bigger things to figure out to get the city and state functioning again. Still, the Saints provide a healthy distraction during a trying time. This is the hand dealt to the black and gold — like it or not. Eventually this will pass yet again. New Orleanians find a way to cope time after time. This time, a new generation is in charge. Perhaps there is some deep underlying purpose for this team. The city is ready for good news. Even if it’s a short little break from reality. Saints fans always find a way out of the dark.

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