The Kansas City Chiefs are NFL’s Small-Market Treasure

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There’s something special about a small-market team like the Kansas City Chiefs. Chicago, New York, or even Los Angeles tend to get more attention than most of the NFL. Boston too of course. It’s common sense. More viewers. More money for advertising. Simply put, more bang for the buck in these areas. Loaded with a booming population and TV markets demand a certain expectation. Basically, the bigger the city, the more attention any type of business will give. This is not a new concept.

The Small-Market Chiefs are an NFL Treasure

There’s a reason the city of Los Angeles has two teams along with New York. As good as the Green Bay Packers have been, there is no chance a Wisconsin second team comes into the NFL. Still, branding is everything. And the Packers remain an important asset to the NFL. If anything, the existence of a small-town American team promotes a certain type of purity.

Small Town Big Dreams

A small-town feel with enough support to field a team for nearly a century. Plenty of fans, even prefer the Packers over big market teams unless the fan is a Chicago Bears fan. But there is truth to this. The idea of people lining up every Sunday to pack Lambeau Field feels right. The respect of fans from across the country can relate to a natural feeling of connection from the average person. And the Packers are one of the only teams owned by their own fans in Green Bay. And there hasn’t been much competition from another midwestern city until now.

The Kansas City Chiefs are quickly becoming the fresh midwestern face with local support. And make no mistake, this is great for business for the NFL. The only real obstacle for the Chiefs — to become one of the modern dynasties is winning of course first. As long as Patrick Mahomes is healthy, winning is nearly almost 100% guaranteed.

Attracting a Larger Audience

The other challenge per se is selling Kansas City as a sports universe. In other words, keeping the city in a comfortable growth pattern for fans and drawing more business here.

Most people by now know who Patrick Mahomes is. He’s not only the face of the Chiefs but the future of what the NFL wants. Mahomes is way ahead of expectations. And he is happy to call Kansas City his home long-term. Finding a once in a generation quarterback is no easy find. Yet, he’s now the ambassador of Chiefs Kingdom.

National Recognition Outside Football

Now is the time for the little-known secret in the middle of the country to go for it! In short, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cash in on a perfect storm coming together when many other teams are still searching for an identity. People outside of the state of Missouri and Kansas probably don’t know much about the city itself.

Honestly, the sprawl of construction galore, along with a booming enthusiastic young base gives plenty of optimism for a chance to showcase the city. Kansas City is actually coming along nicely. With a new streetcar and plans to expand — the place is ready to explode. The NFL Draft will be a nice showcase in 2023 too. This is a nice test of how a mid-market area can be a draw now and into the future.

And there is talk about the possibility of being one of the hosts for the World Cup. Furthermore,  Team USA will play a couple of matches for the Gold Cup. The support is here. The vision is becoming reality. And people would be surprised to know the city is not full of corn and cows. It’s just a matter of time before more attention comes to the city.

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