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Can the Saints Get the Right Breaks to Win Another Super Bowl?

Saints need a bit of luck to make a run in the playoffs to get to another Super Bowl. They are so close to moving on.
Saints Super Bowl

The U.S. Open ended this past Sunday — which included the greatest golfers in the world. The best players in the world meet once a year to compete on the biggest stage at this one event. And just like the Super Bowl, the venue is different every year. This year the tournament was played out west in San Diego at Torrey Pines. And Bob Bob will have his name etched into the trophy with all the greatest players in the world — over 100 years of illustrious history. The New Orleans Saints hope to make history too one day. To have their name etched in history.

The Saints need the Right Bounces for another Super Bowl

Of course, football is not even close to golf, or is it? First of all, the two are totally different sports being team sports vs individual. And one follows a little white ball around, while the other involves hitting the living crap out of each other to grab a leather ball. Still, both games can be brutal in their own way. The New Orleans Saints are no stranger to divine intervention. Unfortunately, the miraculous endings and evil misfortunes have worked against them as of late.

Their bad luck is explained as getting the “short end of the stick.” Simply bad bounces at the wrong time. The fact of the matter is, having one miracle can be explained. It happens. Even to the best of them. The Buffalo Bills lost a Super Bowl because of a missed field goal. The New York Giants beat the undefeated New England Patriots with jaw-dropping catches and Eli Manning Houdini-like play. No one is exempt from getting a bad break once. Maybe twice. But three times or more feels personal.

Who Dat Nation wonders. Players start to question whether the invisible superstitious interventions are a conspiracy. New Orleans is known for voodoo and rituals.

Defense Eliminates Bad Luck

But nothing explains the continuous run of bad breaks. Be that as it may, luck is only a part of the game. Lucky bounces aren’t planned. Honestly, many of the losses could’ve been prevented with dominance throughout the game.

It’s time for the Saints to move on. Move on from playing in these tight games in the playoffs. Simply put, the black and gold hold the key to end all uncertainties. Stomping on the throat for 60 minutes and always throttling up on the gas.

It’s time to gain control in 2021. And the one way to manipulate the football universe is simple. Defense.

Defense wins championships, as the Buccaneers beat the heavily favorite Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021 Super Bowl. The defensive side controls the way a game moves as time ticks down.

On the defensive side of the ball — the front line demands attention. There is no greater way to set a tone than with an aggressive attack from the trenches.

Winning in the Trenches

Surely, nothing excites a fan base than a big hit on a quarterback. A sack from the blindside. Even penetration to cause havoc changes everything. Still, the most reliable relentless push against the run is gold.

Forcing teams to put the ball in the air increases the chance for a turnover.

And make no mistake, the back end is critical to shutting down an offense. But to solidly throw fear into an opponent is to stymie the offensive line. More pressure from the lines makes coverage manageable. Upfront is where the wars begin. This is where the play starts. The big men know the job is not for the weak. Manhandle the line — bounces late in the game will become irrelevant. This is how the Saints get the second shot. This is where the dogfights never stop. Control the line of scrimmage and no magic tricks work.

And that is how the Saints can make history in the Super Bowl once again.

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