NFL Rumors: Dylan Moses Compared to Drew Brees; Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch and Trey Lance

Dylan Moses Rumors
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The NFL Draft is done, but one of the most talented players in the class never heard his name called. Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Dylan Moses went undrafted due to health concerns and, according to the latest NFL rumors, 31 teams could regret not taking a risk on him. Meanwhile, San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York detailed the behind-the-scenes decision for Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch to select Trey Lance as their quarterback of the future.

NFL Rumors: Dylan Moses, Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch

Based on talent and talent alone, Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses was one of the better prospects in this class. An incredibly gifted run defender, Moses has a long series of injuries that ultimately caused his draft stock to plummet. He never heard his name called throughout the entirety of the NFL Draft, but he signed as an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban believes that all 32 teams made a grave mistake passing on him. While he can understand the injury concerns, Saban believes that the NFL is making the same mistake now that they made with Drew Brees after his shoulder injury back in 2005.

Saban is in a unique position to make this comparison, as he coached Moses in college but was also Miami’s head coach when Brees hit free agency. For those that don’t remember, Brees probably would have signed with the Dolphins, but the medical staff failed the future Hall of Famer on a physical. The rest is history, as Brees went on to have a wildly successful career with the New Orleans Saints.

Saban also went on to say that Moses going undrafted was “based on medial grades” and had nothing to do with his on-field play. The college coaching legend said that he was “surprised” by this, as Moses was able to play in 2020, albeit he was notably limited. Only time will tell if Saban is right, but the talent is there.

Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch, Always Had Trey Lance As Top Option

The San Francisco 49ers were easily the talk of the NFL Draft, as they traded three first-round picks for the right to select their quarterback of the future. In the buildup to the NFL Draft, rumors surfaced that head coach Kyle Shanahan wanted Mac Jones, while general manager John Lynch and a majority of the scouts wanted Trey Lance. The team ultimately took Lance, and owner Jed York said that there was no division between Shanahan and Lynch on the issue.

Saying that Shanahan and Lynch were “working towards getting to the right answer”, York said that the duo scouted all the quarterbacks separately before comparing notes and seeing who they liked. When both sides agreed on Lance, San Francisco swung the trade.

If anyone knows what it’s like when the coach and general manager have different visions for the team, it’s Jed York. Back in 2013 and 2014, then-head coach Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke had a very public falling out which eventually led to both men leaving the team. York referenced this “dysfunction”, saying that Shanahan and Lynch have a healthy relationship and were very much on the same page with the Lance selection.

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