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Tevin Coleman Signs With New York Jets

Tevin Coleman Signs With; At the end of his rookie contract, Coleman signed a two-year, $10 million contract with the San Fransisco 49ers.
Tevin Coleman

Longtime NFL veteran running back Tevin Coleman signed a one-year contract worth up to $2 million with the New York Jets. Coleman spent the 2020 season with the San Fransisco 49ers.

Tevin Coleman, New York Jets, Agree to Contract

At the end of his rookie contract, Coleman signed a two-year, 10 million dollar contract with the San Fransisco 49ers. During the 2020 regular season, the 27-year-old running back played in eight games with 28 rushing attempts for 54 total yards. During a game against the New York Jets Coleman re-aggravated his knee, causing him to miss time. The 49ers activated Coleman in Week 8 against the Seattle Seahawks.

During the 2019 season, Coleman played in 14 games with 137 rushing attempts for 544 yards with six touchdowns. Coleman suffered a high ankle sprain against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, missing two games. During the 2019-2020 playoffs, Coleman played in three games rushing 28 times for 154 yards with two touchdowns. Coleman suffered a dislocated shoulder against the Green Bay Packers; although, played in the Superbowl game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Coleman spent the four previous seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. In 2018, Coleman played in 16 games and rushed 167 times for 800 yards with four touchdowns. In 2017, Coleman played in 15 games and rushed 156 times for 628 yards with four touchdowns. A concussion; however, caused Coleman to miss one game. In two playoff games, Coleman rushed 24 times, gaining 119 yards.

In 2016, Coleman played in 13 games, rushing 118 times for 520 yards with eight touchdowns. Coleman would; however, miss three games with a hamstring injury. In three playoff games, Coleman rushed 29 times for 115 yards with one touchdown. Coleman suffered an ankle sprain against the New England Patriots. In 2015, Coleman had 87 rushing attempts for 392 yards and one touchdown. Coleman this year; however, suffered a hamstring strain, a chest rib fracture, and a concussion missing a total of four games.

Coleman was drafted in the third round by the Falcons in the 2015 NFL Draft. Coleman was unanimously given all-American honors; as well as, finishing seventh in Heisman Trophy voting.

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