Kenny Golladay Signs With the New York Giants

Kenny Golladay
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Four-year NFL wide receiver Kenny Golladay has signed a 4-year, $72 million contract with the New York Giants. Golladay, a former third-round pick, spent the last four seasons with the Detroit Lions. Golladay was the sixth-highest selection ever for his college, Northern Illinois.

Kenny Golladay, New York Giants, Agree to Contract

Kenny Golladay spent the majority of the 2020 season nursing a hip injury. Said hip injury caused Golladay to miss a total of nine games, eventually shutting him down for the season. He also dealt with a hamstring injury that caused him to miss the second game of the season. It was night and day from the 2019 season, a year in which he was healthy and started all 16 games.

Kenny Golladay initially entered the league in 2017 as the 96th overall pick of the NFL draft. Selected by the Lions, Golladay logged 400 plus yards and three touchdowns in just five starts his rookie season. Additionally, Golladay helped lead the Lions to a 9-7 record that same season. The Lions have not come close to that many wins in a single season since.

In total, Kenny Golladay spent four years with the Detroit Lions. During his time there, Golladay made the Pro Bowl once (2019). In four seasons, he recorded just over 3000 yards receiving. Golladay also logged 21 receiving touchdowns and 183 receptions. He averaged 65.3 yards per game during his time in Detroit.

Kenny Golladay has a lot to prove after an injury-riddled season in 2020. The talent is certainly there, but your greatest ability is availability in the NFL. Golladay will need to prove that last season was an anomaly. He will also need to prove that he can still perform at a Pro Bowl level without the talented Matthew Stafford as his quarterback. If healthy, then there is little doubt that Golladay can return to Pro Bowl-level form. That is a big “if” though.

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