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Carson Wentz Improving in 2021 Must Happen for Him To Stay in Philadelphia

Carson Wentz improving in 2021 must happen for him to stay in Philadelphia. Wentz has struggled outside of one season. He needs to improve.

The Philadelphia Eagles organization finished the 2020 season on a sour note, as did their presumptive franchise quarterback in Carson Wentz. The former number two overall pick was benched during the season for his mistakes and turnovers. However, in a story recently released, it seems as if Wentz has shifted the blame to everyone but himself. As a result of this, Doug Pederson is no longer the head coach in Philly. There was also the debacle in Week 17 against the Washington Football Team. Nonetheless, the Eagles decided to move in a different direction at head coach. They ended up hiring Nick Sirianni from the Indianapolis Colts to be the new man in charge. At first glance, that seems to be a surprising move. But this move was made strictly to appease Wentz. Carson Wentz must perform in 2021.

Carson Wentz Improving in 2021 Is Critical for Him and Eagles

Wentz’s Erratic Play

Wentz’s inconsistent and at times poor play forced a change at quarterback during the season and in head coach after the Eagles season. So now everything is strictly on the shoulders of Wentz. The fans got a glimpse of what Jalen Hurts can do and what he ultimately can bring to the team with his mobility and playmaking ability. On the other hand, Wentz caused too many turnovers and hurt his team’s chances of progression. It appears as if the Eagles aren’t willing to give up on Wentz at this point, but if he doesn’t improve with this new regime he could be done Philly.

His contract has put the Eagles in a precarious situation. The Eagles could have avoided this issue, but they gave Wentz the contract extension based on one season of magic. Furthermore, given the reports that the salary cap could be reduced for the 2021 season, it is likely that Wentz may not have the same talent around him as salary cap restrictions may result in more trades.

Wentz Must Perform

Just imagine for a moment if this same situation had taken place with former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb is now beloved in Philadelphia, but if he had performed as poorly as Wentz has, there is no question the fans would have been calling for him to be traded or released immediately. It is widely known that Philadelphia is one of the toughest markets in the NFL. But for some reason Wentz has been given passes after not performing or leading up to the level of his contract.

The hire of Nick Sirianni is strictly to appease Wentz, which is fine. But can fix the locker room and help Wentz turn around his career? Only time will tell, but Sirianni must change the culture in order to get the Eagles back on top. He also must fix the quarterback position if he expects the Eagles to win games and make the playoffs. But that quarterback doesn’t have to be Wentz. It could be Jalen Hurts if Wentz doesn’t turn things around. But it is clear the Eagles are trying to give their franchise quarterback, who they invested a lot of money in, yet another shot to produce at a level worthy of the investment the team has made in him. If Wentz can’t turn things around and improve, it will be him who is out of Philadelphia.

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