Deshaun Watson and the Trade Rumors

Deshaun Watson Trade

How things have changed in Houston. At halftime in the 2019 AFC Divisional Rounds, the Texans were dreaming of the Super Bowl.  Now the 2020 season is over and they could be about to lose their star quarterback. After coming to a deal at the start of the 2020 season the Texans traded star receiver Deandre Hopkins for way below his worth. Could they be gearing up for another blockbuster trade before the 2021 season begins? And could the trade rumors surrounding Deshaun Watson actually have any substance?

Deshaun Watson and The Trade Rumors

Current Situation

In 2020 Deshaun Watson signed a four-year contract extension worth $160 million and the Houston Texans probably thought they had their quarterback secured for the long term. After a poor season and some behind the scenes issues, that might not be the case anymore. Despite being promised to be involved in the hiring of a new head coach it appears that Watson’s choice hasn’t been considered at all.  Openly stating that Eric Bienemy is who he would like at the helm, the Texans took that on board and didn’t even request an interview with him until the damage was already done. Not exactly involving the face of your franchise is it? The Houston Texans management continually seem to make poor decisions and this could be their most costly to date. 

So you have your star wide receiver ripped away from you before the season starts. Still, Watson went on to throw for over 4,800 yards and lead the NFL.  To top it off you have to deal with a change in the Head Coach position. Then promised to be involved in the hiring of a new Coach and the one man you want isn’t even interviewed. Why wouldn’t he ask for a trade?

Despite playing with no rush game and being the second most sacked quarterback (49), Watson still had a career season with 33 touchdowns and a completion rate of over 70 percent. Watson kept his team competitive and had to watch as the rest of the squad seemed to not care. Still having a career year, despite all the other issues with the Texans, will have bumped up the price should Watson actually ask for a trade. A price that is well worth it. 

Offseason and Potential Suitors

Watson is going into an offseason where there could be anywhere up to ten teams looking for a new Quarterback. Teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and the Denver Broncos. A few blue-collar teams that you would imagine Deshaun Watson might quite like to play for. 

Never mind that list, any team in the league would be wise to consider the potential of bringing in Deshaun Watson.

The Houston Texans have one of the best talents at quarterback to ever play the game. Since joining the Texans he has proven to be their best player and one of the league’s best. In 2020 he had an MVP caliber season and kept Houston alive in many games. If they lock Watson out of the negotiations for a new Head Coach then a new Quarterback will be the priority for the newly acquired play-caller.