The Future Jacksonville Jaguars Leadership and Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars Leadership

Trevor Lawrence is the presumptive number one pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars have locked in the number one pick in next year’s draft. At this point, only four months stand between the Jaguars and a generational talent at quarterback. The time since the New York Jets first win of the season has been the most exciting point for Jaguar fans since 2017. Is losing bad? Sure. The Jaguars have lost 14 straight games, a franchise record. However, drafting Lawrence and bringing in the future Jacksonville Jaguar leadership this off-season could be a game changer for this franchise.

The team has one winning season in the past 10 years. They have three head coaches Shad Khan bought the team in 2012. Their regular season record is 39-104 during that span. The Jaguars have been one of the worst franchises in the NFL for years. But all of that could change with Lawrence. Furthermore, the the team will have over $80 million in salary cap this off-season. The Jaguars will have a new general manager and likely a new head coach. Lawrence and the high figure for the salary cap make this team one of the most desirable landing spots a for a general manager or head coaching candidate.

The Future Jacksonville Jaguars Leadership and Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence Is A Generational Talent

Trevor Lawrence is a generational talent. He has been the talk of the NCAA since he became the starter for Clemson. The 6’6″ 220 lb. junior out of Cartersville, GA is perhaps the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck. He has a 34-1 record as a starter with the Tigers. In that time, Lawrence has 9698 passing yards, 88 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions. He also won the CFP National Chamionship in 2018 as a freshman, defeating the Nick Saban led Crimson Tide.

Lawrence has many accolades. He is the clear number one pick in this year’s draft. While no prospect is a sure thing, he’s about as close as you can get to a sure thing. By drafting Lawrence, the Jaguars will potentially change the trajectory of their franchise for years to come. The NFL is quickly becoming an offensive heavy league. Lawrence is a great passer. He will be a great addition to a team that has not had a true franchise quarterback since Mark Brunell.

The General Manager Search

Khan fired former General Manager Dave Caldwell on November 29th 2020. As a result of this decision the team has gotten a head start on interviews. Louis Riddick and Rick Smith have already interviewed for the general manager position. However, the Jacksonville Jaguars leadership is likely to interview more candidates after the conclusion of the season.

Names to watch are Ed Dodds, Mike Borgonzi, and Lake Dawson among others. These three candidates are likely due to their experience as well as potential to pair them with a head coach.

Ed Dodds

Dodds is the current Assistant general manager for the Indianapolis Colts. He has plenty of experience and is credited with forming the Legion of Boom in Seattle. Dodds was also apart of the front office that drafted Russell Wilson. He is well respected and could be paired with Robert Saleh.

Mike Borgonzi

Mike Borgonzi is the current Director of Football Operations of the Kansas City Chiefs. He has spent over 10 years with the team and is a hot name. Borgonzi has learned his craft under the likes of Scott Pioli and John Dorsey. The Jaguars could pair him with Eric Bieniemy.

Lake Dawson

Lake Dawson is the current Assistant Director of College Scouting with the Buffalo Bills. He has over 19 years of experience in scouting. Dawson has been a key player in the Bills organization that has risen to the top spot in the AFC East this year since joining the team in 2017. He would make a good pair with Brian Daboll.

The Head Coach Search

Doug Marrone has not been fired yet, but it certainly looks like he will be. Consequently, the Jaguars will need to hire a new head coach shortly after the season ends. There will be many suitors due to the chance to coach Lawrence. Urban Meyer is being reported as having possible interest. The coaches mentioned as potential partners with the general managers above, Saleh, Bieniemy, and Daboll, will be discussed here. All could be terrific hires for the Jacksonville Jaguars leadership.

Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh is the current Defensive Coodinator for the San Francisco 49ers. In addition to the 49ers, Saleh has also spent time with the Jaguars and Seahawks in recent years. Saleh was a part of the 2013 Super Bowl Champion Seahawks coaching staff. Notably, Dodds was with the Seahawks during this time. Saleh is an up and coming coaching talent that will garner a lot of interest as a head coaching candidate. While, he is defensive coach, he’d make a good team with Dodds; but the team would need to hire a good offensive coordinator.

Eric Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy is likely at the top of every team’s list to fill a head coaching vacancy. The current offensive coordinator for the reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, Bienemy is a hot commodity for sure. He has been the Chiefs Offensive Coordinator since 2018, and as a result, the team has had one of the top offenses in the league during that time. Bieniemy and Borgonzi to the Jags with Lawrence under center could be amazing.

Brian Daboll

Lastly, Brian Daboll, the current offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills, would be another intriguing hire. With over 20 years of experience, Daboll is certainly not new to the game. He has developed the Bills offense with Josh Allen under center since 2018, and that team has made a big turnaround. Daboll and Dawson would surely make for a convincing pair.

Last Word on Jacksonville Jaguars leadership and Trevor Lawrence

Drafting Lawrence would ultimately change the outlook for Jacksonville’s franchise for years to come. As a result of drafting Lawrence, the team could also land top tier candidates for general manager or head coach. Pairing the two positions is common as of late and the names above are all likely candidates for many teams. If Khan makes the right decisions, the Jaguars could become a powerhouse in the NFL.

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