The Josh Allen MVP Case

Josh Allen MVP

Nobody can argue that Josh Allen has not grown leaps and bounds in the last two seasons. The 6’5, 24-year-old quarterback who fell in the draft, has improved every season, making the Buffalo Bills geniuses for trading up to acquire him. However, Allen’s 2020-2021 campaign has been on a different level and has led to his name being mentioned in the MVP conversation. The current MVP favorites are who one might expect, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry. However, Josh Allen not only deserves his name mentioned in with the elite, but he also deserves to be rewarded with the MVP for his remarkable season.

The Argument For A Josh Allen MVP Win

 A Brief Look at the Favorites

1) Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is a sure-fire Hall of Famer. Having one of the best arms ever seen in the NFL, plus having incredibly accuracy, Rodgers has changed the Hail Mary to the Hail Rodgers, as exampled by his game-winning throw during the “Miracle in Mowtown”. In 2020-2021, Rodgers currently sits eighth in passing yards completed, first in passing touchdowns with 40, and 35th in interceptions. The Green Bay Packers currently sit 1st in the NFC North with a record of 11-3.

2) Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes, what can you say about him? In his third year in the league, he helped take the Kansas City Chiefs to a Superbowl win while receiving Superbowl MVP honors at the age of 24. Mahomes II, being seen as the franchise quarterback in Kansas City for years to come, signed the largest contract extension in sport’s history. In 2020-2021, Mahomes II currently sits second in passing yards completed, third in passing touchdowns with 30, and 29th in interceptions

3) Derrick Henry

At roughly 6’3 and 240lbs, Henry terrorizes opposing defenses with his powerful run game and his ability to be elusive on the field for a man his size. Henry is a foundational piece for why the Tennesse Titans have been as strong as they have, being utilized in the red zone and key situations; such as the winning overtime run against the Baltimore Ravens that even smaller men may not have been as fleet afoot. In 2020-2021, Henry leads all running backs in rushing categories across the board; except being tied with Dalvin Cook for rushing touchdowns.

 Why Josh Allen?

2020-21 Stats

While examining quarterback statistics this season, Allen measures favorably to Rodgers and Mahomes. When comparing touchdowns (both passing and rushing), Allen is tied with Mahomes at 38, while Rodgers comes in at 43. Allen leads both Rodgers and Mahomes in rush yardage with 383 yards. Mahomes II leads in passing yards per game with 381.71, while Allen is second with 285.71, and surprisingly Rodgers is third with 273.43. The Chiefs sit at 13-1, first in the AFC West. The Bills sit 11-3, first in the AFC East. The Packers sit 11-3, first in the NFC North. It is extremely hard to compare Allen and Henry as they play two very different positions. The argument to make is that the last runningback to make MVP was Adrian Peterson in 2012; therefore, showing that it is rare for a non-quarterback to win, with quarterbacks winning from 2013-2019.

Two-Way Quarterback

Allen has become a true dual-threat quarterback this season, making him a problem for defenses focusing on Stefon Diggs or Cole Beasley. In a recent game against the Denver Broncos, Allen was able to complete two rushing touchdowns and two passing touchdowns; although could’ve been more except for penalties. Allen’s maturation in his game has finally caught up to his size, athleticism, and his arm. Allen utilizes his arm power to make longer yard throws that are reminiscent of Aaron Rodgers, but uses his legs to get out of dangerous situations like Mahomes II. Allen has brought the best of both worlds this season. Through his wife Jill’s Twitter account, Hall of Famer Jim Kelly believes that Allen will break every record he has. Allen has already made NFL history by being the first quarterback to rush for over seven touchdowns for three consecutive seasons.

From Defence to Offence

The Bills defense has taken a step back this year due to numerous injures, testing the use of their depth. The 2nd ranked defense of 2019-2020, now sits at 17th in the league. The offense has made up for a lot of the defense’s mistake; which is vice-versa to how the defense carried the team in the past. Allen has scored at will with his throws; leading to the offense staying on the field longer. In the last few games, the defense is starting to get healthy and find its’ form again; however, the play of Allen and the offense is why the Bills won those early games.

Josh Allen’s trajectory compares to Mahomes II’s in terms of growth. The 24-year-old Allen has brought hope to and sparked #BillsMafia this season with his MVP level play. Allen’s combination of running and passing has him in elite status and level to his counterparts Rodgers and Mahomes II. Leading the Bills to their first AFC division win in 25 years, breaking an NFL record, and showing excellence at both rushing and passing this season is why Allen should not only be in contention for MVP but should win it. This is the Josh Allen MVP case that needs to be made.

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