Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders Pass Protection Keys to a Week 12 Victory

Derek Carr

On Sunday, the Las Vegas Raiders will travel east to play a game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. There are several important matchups to consider when trying to determine a winner, but Derek Carr is likely the key to a Raiders victory. Below is a breakdown of some Las Vegas Raiders vs New York Jets key matchups.

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Pass Protection Keys to a Week 12 Victory

Derek Carr vs Jets Defense

What is the problem with Derek Carr and holding onto the football? After last week’s abysmal performance, Carr now leads the league in fumbles with 11. He definitely took a step back last week, and hopefully it is not a sign of things to come. Carr looked like he was reverting to his 2016-self earlier in the season. After last week’s performance, his job security is once again being brought into question. That noise will become deafening if he loses to the winless New York Jets this week. A win, along with a three-touchdown performance, should be enough to put everyone’s minds at ease. Anything less and this conversation will be expanded upon further next week.

The Jets defense currently ranks fifth worst in yards allowed per game. This is mainly due to their pathetic pass defense which ranks third worst in the league. Their run defense is league average, so the secondary is what needs to be exploited. The Raiders should focus on taking deep shots down the field early and often. If they worry too much about controlling the clock, then the Jets will stay in this game until the end.

Raiders Pass Protection vs Quinnen Williams

Derek Carr is not entirely to blame for his poor performance last weekend. Atlanta is not really known for having premier pass rushers, but you would not have known that during the game. The Raiders offensive line was constantly being pushed back too far off the line of scrimmage. This unit needs Trent Brown back in the worst way, but he unfortunately will not be available this weekend. No excuses though, the Raiders have to be better against inferior competition.

Quinnen Williams has easily been the best player on the Jets this season and it is not even close. His current PFF grade is an impressive 80.3, and he has six sacks on the season. That equates to a third of the team’s total sack number on the year (18). The Jets, just like the Raiders, also struggle getting to the quarterback. If Las Vegas can contain Williams, then Derek Carr will have as much time as he wants in the pocket.

Last Word

This is a big game for the Las Vegas Raiders. It is year three of the Jon Gruden regime. The fans are not willing to wait 10 years for the team to reach the playoffs again. People have turned teams around in a shorter amount of time, so the clock is ticking. Losses against inferior opponents are no longer acceptable at this point. If the Raiders lose to the Jets this weekend, then it may be time for Jon Gruden and Derek Carr to be shown the door.

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