Washington Football Team and Their Paths To an NFC Title

After a 41-16 Thanksgiving beatdown of the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Football Team found themselves in first place in the NFC East for the first time since Week 3. However, this lead lasted just two days as the New York Giants escaped a scare from the Brandon Allen led Cincinnati Bengals in a 19-17 win. That win propelled the Giants to 4-7, the same record as Washington, and the NFC East lead as they hold the tiebreaker over Washington. The lead can change hands once again on Monday night, as the Philadelphia Eagles face the Seattle Seahawks

With five games remaining, the Washington Football Team has a chance to win their first division crown since 2015. Here are the different paths Washington has to an NFC East title. These scenarios do not include any potential ties in the upcoming games. 

Washington Football Team and Their Paths To an NFC Title

Finishing the Season 5-0

A miraculous stretch like this would remind fans of the seven-game winning streak in 2012 when Robert Griffin III had a magical rookie season. For this improbable scenario to occur, Washington would need to defeat both the 10-0 Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks at FedEx Field for the first time since 2005. 

In this scenario, Washington would need at least one loss from the Giants to win the division as they would overtake the Eagles with a Week 17 win. 

Finishing the Season 4-1

This would be yet another improbable finish for Washington and another scenario where the Dallas Cowboys would be eliminated. However, it gets more complicated for Washington in this scenario. 

Washington would need the Giants to lose at least twice if the Football Team were to finish 4-1. However, if Washington’s only loss were to occur in Week 17, then they would need two Eagles losses in the next five games (including Monday against the Seahawks). 

Finishing the Season 3-2

With a 3-2 finish, Washington could win the NFC East. With this scenario, the Washington Football Team would need three losses by the Eagles and Giants, and one from the Cowboys. Again, if they lose to the Eagles in Week 17, then they would need the Eagles to go 2-3 in their next five games. Washington should get help as there are two other division games of interest as the Cowboys play the Giants and the Eagles in the last two weeks of the season. 

Finishing the Season 2-3

This would set up a real possibility for a three-way tie in the NFC East as the Giants, Cowboys, and Washington could all finish with records of 6-10. However, a three-way tie (with the Eagles in fourth-place) would send the Giants to the postseason. Washington would need the Giants to finish 5-11 or worse, the Eagles to finish 5-10-1 or worse, and the Cowboys to finish 6-10 or worse. 

With the Giants playing four teams who are above .500 in the next four weeks, the easiest path for Washington would be four consecutive losses by the Giants. The Eagles also have a very tough stretch in the last six games, as they play the Seahawks, Packers, and Saints in the next three weeks. The Eagles must lose at least four out of their next six games in this scenario. However, the Cowboys have the easiest schedule in the division and Washington needs at least two losses from Dallas. 

Finishing the Season 1-4

A 1-4 finish would almost certainly eliminate Washington as they would need the Giants to lose out, the Cowboys to finish 2-3, and the Eagles to go 1-5 down the stretch.

Finishing the Season 0-5

Washington will find themselves in the conversation for a top-five draft pick if they lose their five remaining games. This would eliminate them from playoff contention, no matter what happens in the rest of the NFC East. 

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