Last Word on Football Podcast – Season 2 Episode 7: Antonio Brown is Back

Antonio Brown Is Back

Welcome to another week of the Last Word on Football podcast. This week Antonio Brown is playing another NFL game. Also your hosts Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin slander the Green Bay Packers and reminisce on the Alliance of American Football. Seth predicts that he will be dead in eight years while producer Daniel Acevedo tries to convince people to give human meat a try. Also, the crew talks about the MVP, Comeback Player of the Year, and Super Bowl candidates.

Last Word on Football Podcast – Season 2 Episode 7: Antonio Brown is Back, and Seth Believes He Will Be Dead in Eight Years

0:00 – Intro and Antonio Brown stat predictions

2:05 – Six Minutes of Slander – The Green Bay Packers and their unwillingness to trade for Will Fuller

6:15 – Another Slander – JaMychal Hasty

6:30 – Las Vegas Raiders lose a draft pick for repeated violations of COVID-19 protocol

10:55 – Baltimore Ravens beat the Indianapolis Colts, including a popcorn bomb tube

11:45 – Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills get back on track with a win over Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks

13:15 – Los Angeles Chargers find another heartbreaking way to lose a game against the Las Vegas Raiders

14:20 – Early MVP Candidates. Is Dalvin Cook in the conversation?

17:40 – Coaching Hot Seat Check

18:40 – Last Word on Alliance of American Football (AAF) – reminiscing on the San Diego Fleet, MVP Garrett Gilbert and local Chula Vista hero, Luis Perez

21:50 – Ryan tells a terrible joke about the Houston Texans’ Johnsons, David Johnson and Duke Johnson

22:40 – Jake Luton put Minshew Mania on life support

26:35 – Who will be the Comeback Player of the Year?

27:30 – Danny Dimes voices his love for Jeff Bezos and asks the question – “How do you think human tastes?”

30:20 – Seth tries to get a glance at Jason Pierre Paul’s hand

30:40 – Back to the Comeback Player of the Year talk. Does Alex Smith deserve it just for taking another NFL snap?

36:25 – Super Bowl Predictions

38:40 – Seth wants the Miami Dolphins to be good now that they have Tua Tagovailoa

39:45 – Predictions for week ten’s games

About the Podcast

Last Word on Football was a podcast thought of by producer Daniel Acevedo. Daniel also produces and hosts other podcasts. Check them out here. You can also follow him on Twitter @daniel_doesnt.

Daniel linked Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin together. Seth doesn’t really do social media. Ryan can be found on Twitter @RyanWorldEater. He writes a ton of fantasy football content for Last Word on Sports.

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