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If Trevor Lawrence Spurns the New York Jets, What’s Next?

It's possible that Trevor Lawrence might stay in college for one more year to avoid getting drafted by the New York Jets.
Trevor Lawrence

Following a 30-27 loss to the New England Patriots, the New York Jets sit at 0-9. Sooner or later, changes will be made among both the roster and the front office. A week earlier, against the Kansas City Chiefs, New York let up five touchdowns through the air. It should be noted that the Jets have thrown only seven touchdown passes all season. Ouch. Instead of using energy this year, New York must turn their attention to Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

However, whether or not Lawrence chooses to enter the draft is his decision. Before this year, we all expected the Clemson star to leave after his junior year for the pros. Recently, he has had second thoughts. That mere factor along may have fans in Gang Green weeping louder than they do behind the brown bags that cover their heads.

If Trevor Lawrence Doesn’t Come Out, What Do the New York Jets Do?

New York City has been a depressing place for football. Since the Giants last won the Super Bowl in 2011, there hasn’t been much to celebrate. Instead, it has mostly been a revolving door of mediocrity and living off the past. As for the Jets, it’s been since 1969 that they hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Trevor Lawrence may not be the born savior but he can certainly help. If he doesn’t come, then what do the Jets do? The answer is simple. Use the draft picks that they have and go after other pieces. Without question, current head coach Adam Gase will be gone and a new coach will be in the building. If they wish to switch quarterbacks, however, it would be wise to trade Sam Darnold for assets that can be used to give the new quarterback the best chance of winning.

As for the draft, what should the Jets do if Lawrence doesn’t come? Well, the best thing to do is to find a quarterback regardless. If not him, the Jets should look to draft Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Fields checks almost every box you want in a quarterback and has proven to be a leader for a team that is competitive week in and week out with the Buckeyes.

Trevor Lawrence has to be the priority for the Jets. If not him, it is best to go with Justin Fields, or if they choose to go non-quarterback, the priority should be the offensive line. After all, a quarterback needs protection for victory. It’s up to Gang Green to make the call. Although, in years past, it probably might not work out. Time will tell.

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