Drew Lock: What the Denver Broncos Need From Their Quarterback

Drew Lock
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After eight games played this season the Denver Broncos have not been the team most in Bronco Country saw developing. Mainly, this was supposed to be Drew Lock‘s breakout season under new offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur after a promising end to 2019. Needless to say, it hasn’t gone anywhere near as planned for the second-year player. For the rest of the season, what Denver needs from Drew Lock is progress or it might be back to the drawing board for John Elway

What the Denver Broncos Need From Drew Lock

Comparing Drew Lock’s end of 2019 to the first half of the 2020 season it’s no question he is playing worse. His completion percentage has dropped around eight percent and he has doubled his interception total. This isn’t to say it is all Lock’s fault because injuries all around have hampered his development. Losing his number one option in Courtland Sutton for the year definitely hurt, leaving Lock with two rookie wide receivers and an undrafted gem to carry the offensive load. 

From the untrained eye looking in on the Broncos, it seems that the new offensive coordinator isn’t making things easy. Pat Shurmur and Lock haven’t found a groove this season to get this offense going like it truly should be. The offense seems handcuffed to an identity that Shurmur is trying to hammer down at all costs. The normal scripted plays that are a staple in most schemes are the ones holding Denver back. 

Drew Lock plays better football during the fourth quarter when he has to make plays on his own and off-script. The hurry-up is what Lock does best right now and it would behoove Shurmur to play into this strength. Let go of what you WANT to do and start working on what you NEED to do. It might not be a plan for long-term success but this team needs any semblance of success right now. I wouldn’t hit the panic button right now but I’d keep the safety cover off just in case. 

As far as the future for the Denver Broncos, it all depends on how Drew Lock finishes up this year. If Drew finds a way to bounce back to the level he was performing at in 2019 Denver should feel hopeful. When he is on and in a rhythm this offense has no issue moving the ball down the field. He is mobile enough to make this makeshift offensive line look formidable against most teams. The arm talent is there to make all the throws; it just comes down to decisions and play-calling. 

If Lock doesn’t turn things around by the end of the season I would expect Denver to look at another option. I don’t believe that another rookie quarterback is the call but I could see a Matt Ryan type of signing possible. John Elway is no stranger to being the retirement home for older quarterbacks chasing that Super Bowl win. Although, this last miss on Drew Lock if it turns out that way might be the final nail in Elway’s coffin. Broncos Country is used to sustained success and 2015 might as well be a decade ago at this point.    

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