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How Bad Is the Tarik Cohen Loss for the Chicago Bears?

When the Chicago Bears discovered that running back Tarik Cohen was lost for the season, it was a numbing feeling.
Tarik Cohen
When the Chicago Bears discovered that running back Tarik Cohen was lost for the season, it was a numbing feeling. Cohen is a vital part of both the offense and special teams. Though the team has elevated Artavis Pierce to take his place, the production can’t be fully replaced.

How Bad is the Tarik Cohen Loss for the Chicago Bears?

In a year where injuries and players being placed on injured reserve has been an all-too-frequent occurrence, the Bears were dealt a heavy setback. They also have to deal with a quarterback change. The best remedy for said circumstance is to have a stable running game to help smoothen the passer’s transition. Despite David Montgomery being the physical back, Cohen provided a different element to the team.

Cohen may be done, but the Bears are not.

Though Cohen is gone for the year, it doesn’t automatically equate to the Bears season being over. Nonetheless, the offense will be limited. Nick Foles has taken the place of Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears defense is still a top-notch unit. Plus Matt Nagy is feeling confident, a feeling that hasn’t been around since 2018. In addition, the Bears are 3-0.

An ACL tear is by far one of the worst injuries to suffer. For players who rely on their speed, it’s an injury that can potentially affect them once they return to the field. Though the Bears may not have a tremendous amount of jaw-dropping plays, they still have much to play for in 2020.

The greatest teams in the history of the league haven’t always been the most flashy teams. Unless you are the Kansas City Chiefs with their “Legion of Zoom” offense, most teams win with balance on both sides of the ball. Foles is now in charge, and his experience with dealing with adversity in the NFL can only help the Bears, who have been blemished significantly despite being undefeated.

The league’s history is full of teams who overcame adversity and persevere. While the Bears are not expected to raise the trophy named for their owner anytime soon, or even the Lombardi trophy, they are still a tough opponent for competition. In addition, the defense, while aging and not as dominant, is still formidable and should not be taken lightly.

As aforementioned, the Bears aren’t going to be on the front page of the highlight reels anytime soon. They will, however, be in the conversation for a team that has the willpower to overcome, especially now that they have the right players with a point to prove. Cohen will no doubt return to the team next season, but his influence will leaned upon this year.

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