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Faces of the 2020 Carolina Panthers

The 2020 Carolina Panthers will need these leaders to step-up if they want to have success this season. Let's meet these three leaders!
2020 Carolina Panthers

With the NFL’s off-season period coming to a close, the beginning of a new season of football is on the horizon. With each new season comes new challenges and obstacles for each team, with the 2020 Carolina Panthers being no different. After a wild off-season filled with harsh endings and promising beginnings, the 2020 Carolina Panthers will face no shortage of challenges and obstacles this coming season. With that being said, the squad will need their leaders to step up and rise above the rest if the Panthers hope to have success in 2020. So, without further ado, let’s meet the faces of the 2020 Carolina Panthers.

Faces of the Franchise: 2020 Carolina Panthers

Teddy Bridgewater

As is with all NFL teams, the quarterback is where it all begins. It also just so happens that the quarterback position is exactly where we start today’s list at. After an ugly exit of legendary quarterback Cam Newton, owner David Tepper handed the keys to the Panthers new starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater early in free agency. Carolina seemed to have it’s heart set on landing Bridgewater to replace Newton, which seemed like a ground-breaking decision at the time. Now several weeks later, the team has placed their full trust in Bridgewater and his skills and, by all accounts, seems to be impressed with him thus far.

While Panthers coaches and trainers can rave about his skills in practice, they will need tons of production from Bridgewater in 2020. A rebuild is never easy on a team, and it seems quite clear that the Panthers may be heading into that stage. The team will no doubt be looking to Bridgewater to lead them through what could be a rough 2020 campaign.

Behind a respectable offensive line, highlighted by Matt Paradis and Taylor Moton, Bridgewater should be able to have decent pocket protection. Coupled with the fact that the Panthers have one of the deadliest wide receiver groups in the NFL, the 27-year-old signal-caller should be able to put up decent numbers. If Bridgewater is able to have a decent first season in Carolina, he has the chance to become a staple on this Panthers’ team. The Panthers will need their quarterback to lead them in the right direction in 2020, which is why Teddy Bridgewater is found on this list.

D.J. Moore

Consistently called one of the most underrated pass-catchers in the league, D.J. Moore has become a staple in Carolina. Moore has been a machine since joining the Panthers, and the team will need his skills heavily in 2020. With new quarterback Teddy Bridgewater joining the Panthers this off-season, Moore will no doubt be his main target as he learns the Panthers’ offense. Alongside star wide receiver Robby Anderson, Carolina will need Moore to take his game to the next level in 2020.

2020 will likely be the year Moore becomes a main leader on this Panthers’ team, with his role as the number one receiver being nearly locked up. The Panthers offense in 2020 will likely feature a plethora of passing opportunities, which will require Moore to be on top of his game. If Moore can shine in new Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady‘s pass-heavy system, the Panthers should have some success in 2020. His performance will heavily affect the Panthers’ offense as a whole next season, which is what makes Moore so special. For these reasons, D.J. Moore has found his way onto this list.

Christian McCaffrey

There may just be no one else more important to the Panthers in 2020 than Christian McCaffrey. Since entering the league, McCaffrey has made quite the name for himself. Often mentioned in conversations about the best running backs in the NFL, the Panthers’ recent success can largely be attributed to McCaffrey’s extraordinary play. Consequently, the Panthers will need McCaffrey’s incredible play to continue in 2020.

With a new quarterback and head coach, McCaffrey will need to be Carolina’s safety blanket in 2020. Joe Brady will most certainly look to utilize McCaffrey’s incredible running back skills early. This could allow for the Panthers to help ease new quarterback Teddy Bridegwater’s transition into the offense. If the Panthers hope to have success in 2020, McCaffrey will need to be excellent. For this reason, McCaffrey has been featured on today’s list.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Panthers will need all three of these leaders in 2020. The team’s success will depend greatly on these three individuals performance this year. Their leadership will also be put to the test, as many new faces are joining the Panthers this season. While it seems like at times Carolina has been chaotic this off-season, these three leaders have rose above and began building a solid foundation for Panthers squads for years to come. With that being said, we can only hope these three stars will be able to have good 2020 campaigns, and, if they can make that happen, the Panthers and their new roster may surprise some doubters this season.

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