Atlanta Falcons Easiest Games in 2020

Last Word on Sports is analyzing the 2020 schedule for every NFL team and ranking their games from most difficult to easiest. Each game is being ranked 1-16, with one being the most difficult and 16 being the easiest. The Atlanta Falcons easiest games in 2020 are still difficult as the Falcons have one of the hardest schedules in the league. Some of the top games making this list could easily be moved up on the list as the season goes on, but this ranking is based on where the schedule stands now. These are the Atlanta Falcons easiest games in 2020.

Atlanta Falcons Easiest Games in 2020

9.  Week 15 – Home vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – December 20, 2020

This divisional matchup kicks off the Atlanta Falcons easiest games in 2020. This game could have easily made the most difficult games in 2020 list but comes in at the top of this list. Unfortunately, the Falcons do not play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers until very late into the season. This will allow Tom Brady and his new club time to work out any issues and come together before the matchup. An earlier season game would have made the matchup easier but getting the first of two matchups at home will help overall difficulty. 

10. Week 9 – Home vs Denver Broncos – November 8, 2020

A mid-season home matchup versus the Denver Broncos should be a winnable game for the Falcons. Drew Lock and all his newly acquired weapons go into 2020 with high expectations and will be looking to put some staple wins on their record. The veteran led Falcons will look to play spoilers and show that they are not to be overlooked in 2020.  This game could be more difficult if the Broncos new roster gels before Week 9 which is why it is not lower in the rankings. 

11. Week 8 – Away vs Carolina Panthers – October 29, 2020

A Thursday Night Football game on the road usually tends to be one of the hardest games of the year. Luckily for the Falcons, the game is against the rebuilding Carolina Panthers on a short week. Not only is the matchup good, but the Falcons will also be coming off one of their easier home games against the Detroit Lions.  The Panthers will most likely be at the bottom of the NFC South in 2020 as they have turned over the coaching staff and multiple players from 2019. Containing Christian McCaffery is never easy but the Falcons have the weapons to outscore the lowly Panthers. 

12. Week 3 – Home vs Chicago Bears – September 27, 2020

After two tough matchups to begin the year, the Falcons welcome in Nick Foles and the Chicago Bears in Week 3. This should be a game where the Falcons can show improvement after the first two games of the year. A shortened preseason means this should feel like a normal Week 1 for most teams. The Falcons get a home game and should be able to correct any early issues at the expense of the lowly Bears. 

13. Week 7 – Home vs Detroit Lions – October 25, 2020

A welcome respite from a Week 6 challenge, the Falcons get a home game versus the Lions in Week 7. The Lions are coming off of a three win season and are not expected to have a big turn-around in 2020. After having to face the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6, Atlanta can get back in the win column with a good showing against the Lions. Matthew Stafford and Kenny Golladay will pose an interesting matchup for the Falcons defense but the Falcons should be able to overcome that.

14. Week 5 – Home vs Carolina Panthers – October 11, 2020

The only early season divisional matchup for Atlanta is in Week 5 versus Teddy Bridgewater and the Panthers. The Panthers are a completely rebuilt team for 2020 and show up twice on the Atlanta Falcons easiest games in 2020. The veteran led Falcons will present issues for the Panthers and should be able to notch an ever important divisional win early in the season. 

15. Week 14 – Away vs Los Angeles Chargers – December 13, 2020

The Los Angeles Chargers sport one of the better skill player duos in Austin Ekeler and Keenan Allen. With newly drafted Justin Herbert competing with Tyrod Taylor for snaps in 2020, the Chargers weakness will be at quarterback. This presents a prime opportunity for the Falcons. With such a tough schedule in 2020, any kind of reprieve will be welcome. Getting an outdoor away game in mild Los Angeles is also a very nice scheduling bonus. 

16. Week 12 – Home vs Las Vegas Raiders – November 29, 2020

A mid season home game versus the Las Vegas Raiders finishes out the list of the Atlanta Falcons easiest games in 2020. A western team traveling across the country to Atlanta is always difficult. The Raiders are also not expected to be contenders in 2020. The Falcons will see success if they can contain the offense which runs through Josh Jacobs. The Falcons offense should be able to put up points against any team and the Raiders will be no different. 

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