New England Patriots Easiest Games in 2020

New England Patriots Easiest
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With training camp underway and the preseason fast approaching, Last Word on Pro Football is analyzing the schedules of all 32 NFL teams. Each team’s 16-game slate will be split into its most difficult (1-8) and easiest games (9-16). For this article, the New England Patriots easiest games of the 2020 season are under the microscope.

New England Patriots Easiest Games in 2020

9. Week 5: vs Denver Broncos

All the hype in the off-season has surrounded the Mile High city. Drew Lock is the young quarterback. He has a plethora of weapons to choose from. He has yet to enter Foxborough and this is the first of many tests. This will be a fairly moderate score game. The Patriots will attack the Broncos on the ground. The passing game will cover just enough to keep Denver on its heels. Meanwhile, Lock and company will have some success of their own. Unfortunately for Denver, the trip to the east coast results in a narrow defeat.

10. Week 11: at Houston Texans

Last year it was DeAndre Hopkins and the surprisingly fast Texans offense that did the Patriots in on Sunday Night Football. Now with Hopkins in Arizona, H-Town is without one of the NFL’s premier players. Still, with Watson in the fold, it is safe to assume that Bill Belichick will have a lot of work to do. Plus. J.J. Watt is still in the mix on the Texans defense so Jarrett Stidham will have that on his plate of work. That said, New England will get their revenge and take the victory.

11. Week 16: vs Buffalo Bills

In all fairness, this matchup had a tight finish last year with the AFC East on the line. The Patriots won the division while the Bills had to settle for the wild card slot. This time, it figures to be a different story as the Bills will most likely win the division. However, the Patriots are at home and have the crowd backing them up. Therefore, it is fair to believe that the Patriots will be able to take control late and clinch a victory, albeit against a very tough opponent that could be at the top of the division for years to come.

12. Week 9: at New York Jets

Last season produced another epic Jets performance of ineptitude in MetLife Stadium. This year looks to be no different as the Patriots make their daily visit to the home of Gang Green. This is not 2015 when Bill Belichick deferred the toss. He knows better as do the Patriots. Jarrett Stidham may have one of the best games, as long as he does not find Jamal Adams for a touchdown. The defense will continue to frustrate Sam Darnold and the Patriots will take the victory in Week 9.

13. Week 3: vs Las Vegas Raiders

No Spider 2 Y-Banana can help Vegas here. Jon Gruden‘s team opted for primarily offense in the draft, leaving multiple holes in their defense. Henry Ruggs may be a good option, but his pick was more of a tribute to the late great Al Davis. The Raiders defense is also young but lacks a pass rush, where’s Khalil Mack? The Patriots will be at home once again and their experience will help. There won’t be any snow to cause another “Tuck Rule” controversy, but the Patriots will still pull out a victory.

14. Week 12: vs Arizona Cardinals

Every Patriot fan remembers back in 2015 when the Cardinals arrived in Foxborough for a surprising upset. This time, it’s the young hotshot Kyler Murray coming to town with new weapon DeAndre Hopkins and the reliable Larry Fitzgerald. Kliff Kingsbury‘s offense will work some points, but the lack of aggression on defense is a cause for concern. Expect the Patriots to establish the running game and come away with a victory late in the season.

15. Week 1: vs Miami Dolphins

The hype is all on the Dolphins after loading up on names to look great on paper. In addition, the Miami office placed a first-round pick on former Alabama star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. But something’s missing. Bill Belichick has a winning record against rookie quarterbacks. Not a good sign for a first test, but who said the NFL is easy? Only media reporters who have not played. Still, Tua may have some good numbers, but the Patriots have a strong defense and should start the season off with a comfortable victory.

16. Week 17: vs New York Jets

This isn’t a playoff game with Bart Scott having his only recognizable moment. No Mark Sanchez and no Rex Ryan. The Patriots have mostly had their way with the Jets in Foxborough and that looks to be the same once again. Like in Week 9, they will come out strong and take an easy victory at home to put themselves at 8-8 and unfortunately miss the playoffs. Still, a win in Week 17 doesn’t hurt and against the Jets? No question it’s personal for Bill Belichick and company.

Overall Record: 8-8

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