NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Announces His Support for Colin Kaepernick

In the wake of many protests and demonstrations in support of the thriving “Black Lives Matter” movement, the NFL released a video in which commissioner Rodger Goodell delivered an official apology on behalf of the league for not making a better attempt to listen to players’ concerns involving racism within the organization. While the apology was a step in the right direction, many still felt that the commissioner failed to mention the elephant in the room. Analysts and players alike sounded off on Goodell, citing that the apology would have been taken better had he announced his support for out-spoken quarterback Colin Kaepernick. In response to those who still criticized him, Goodell took it one step further on Monday, announcing his support for Kaepernick in a professional manner.

NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell Announces His Support for Colin Kaepernick

During an interview with ESPN’s Mike Greenberg on Monday, Goodell delivered the announcement in the typical Goodell fashion: quick and to-the-point. Goodell told Greenberg that that he would be up for a team to sign Kaepernick. In addition to this statement, Goodell also welcomed Kaepernick to voice his opinions during conversations of social issues within the league. The commissioner stated that he would welcome Kaepernick back into the league, should a team make the move to sign him.

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played a down in the league since the 2016 season, when he was a member of the San Francisco 49ers. During his time with the 49ers, Kaepernick became known for his protests during the national anthem, which were done in response to the injustices people of color face in the Unites States. The 32-year-old has since released many videos of him working out and performing football-related activities. While teams like the Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins have reportedly expressed interest in signing the quarterback, no team officially has made the move.

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The announcement from Goodell comes at an interesting time. Earlier in June, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees made headlines when his comments about protesting during the national anthem went viral. At a time when tensions within the league are at an all-time high, Goodell’s announcement confirms the NFL’s commitment to making a real change internally. Goodell stated additionally that the league will continue to have Kaepernick assist them in making said change. Goodell also mentioned that the issues the NFL are dealing with are “very complex” and “difficult.”

Interestingly, the NFL has announced that the changes they hope to make will extend beyond just the league. The organization and it’s partners are hoping to instill change within various neighborhoods and around the world. Goodell stated that they would welcome Kaepernick to help them reach their goal of solving these issues on multiple fronts. While Kaepernick has still yet to secure a job in the league, and there is a ways to go both in the NFL and beyond, the NFL seems to be taking steps in the right direction to right the wrongs found within their organization.

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