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Dallas Cowboys Easiest Games in 2020

Dallas Cowboys Easiest

Here at Last Word On Pro Football, we are analyzing every game for all 32 teams with the most difficult (1-8) in one article and the easiest (9-16) in a second article. This article features the easiest games for the Dallas Cowboys in 2020.

Dallas Cowboys Easiest Games in 2020

  1. Week 6: vs Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are coming off a disappointing 5-10-1 season and have made key off-season additions to right the ship. Although the Cardinals did not have a great record last year, they started to play better at the end of the season. Kyler Murray is ecstatic to have a new toy in DeAndre Hopkins, who, in my opinion, is the best receiver in the league. Although the Cardinals will be better this season, the Cowboys should not have too much trouble with them at home.

  1. Week 2: vs Atlanta Falcons

It has been a disappointing couple of seasons for the Falcons since their Super Bowl Appearance in 2017. Atlanta will hope to get much needed defensive help from their defense-heavy rookie class. The Cowboys should be able to take advantage of a still leaky defense. If Matt Ryan starts the year out hot, though, you can never count him out.

  1. Week 16: vs Philadelphia Eagles

In the second meeting between the Eagles and Cowboys, they will be in the thick of the playoff push. As these teams always play well against each other, this game will most likely come down to who needs it more. I see the Cowboys fighting for playoff contention this late in the year, and with this game at home, they have the clear advantage.

  1. Week 17: at New York Giants

Although the Giants usually stay competitive with the Cowboys, the Boys should be able to pull this out. In recent years, the Giants seem to always be surrounded by turmoil and a bad product on the field. This game being played in the last week of the season does not bode well for New York. The Cowboys should be able to play well in a potentially meaningless game for the Giants.

  1. Week 14: at Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati has high hopes for this season with their shiny, new toy in Joe Burrow. They should be a better team, but I don’t think they will make enough of a jump to compete with playoff contenders. This game is towards the end of the season and the Cowboys will be fighting for contention. The Bengals might have a more competitive product on the field this year, but  Dallas should be a well-oiled machine at this point.

  1. Week 7: at Washington Redskins

The Redskins last year struggled immensely against good teams. This next season should be no different. However, they do have some continuity. Their two best rookies in Dwayne Haskins and Terry McLaurin will be going into their second year together. This still should be no match for the Cowboys, even in Washington.

  1. Week 5: vs New York Giants

The Giants seem to play well against the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, but this year might come down to talent. The Cowboys will be starting to find their groove in Week 5 and will look to continue their six-game winning streak versus New York. Dak Prescott should have the new offense mastered by this point in the season, which does not bode well for the Giants.

  1. Week 12: vs Washington Redskins

The Cowboys will be coming off of a huge game against the Vikings in Week 12. The Redskins might run into a buzz-saw if Dallas were to lose the game the week before. Even if the Cowboys win though, they are the better team and should win this game with relative ease.

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