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Dallas Cowboys Most Difficult Games in 2020

Check out the latest series by Last Word On Pro Football. This will be evaluating the easiest, and most difficult games this season for the Dallas Cowboys.
Dallas Cowboys Most Difficult

Here at Last Word On Pro Football, we are analyzing every game for all 32 teams with the most difficult (1-8) in one article and the easiest (9-16) in a second article. This article features the most difficult games for the Dallas Cowboys in 2020.

Dallas Cowboys Most Difficult Games in 2020

  1. Week 13: at Baltimore Ravens

It was hard to pick between this game and the San Francisco 49ers game to be the hardest game on the schedule. The Ravens edge out the Niners by a small margin because the game will be in Baltimore. I don’t see the Ravens offense slowing down. They have speed all over the field and the Cowboys struggled with fast teams in 2019. Lamar Jackson and company will be able to light up the scoreboard. The silver lining for the Cowboys is their ability to put up points in a hurry. This may be able to keep them in the game in Baltimore.

  1. Week 15: vs San Francisco 49ers

This Week 15 Sunday Night Football matchup will pose huge problems for the Dallas Cowboys. The reigning NFC Champion will most likely be vying for a playoff position this late in the season. The Cowboys will have to bring their A-game to have a shot to win this one. Luckily for Dallas, they will have the help of their home crowd in a playoff atmosphere.

  1. Week 3: at Seattle Seahawks

Although only in Week 3, the Cowboys will have a tough time going into Seattle. That stadium is one of the loudest in the league and they always play well at home. The Cowboys have had trouble in hostile environments in the past couple of years and this will be no different. However, the Seahawks are hoping they can have a full stadium of fans amid COVID-19 regulations.

  1. Week 11: at Minnesota Vikings

The Cowboys will have trouble in their revenge game at the Vikings in Week 11. The Cowboys lost to the Vikings in Week 10 last season, in a game where Minnesota controlled it throughout.  Minnesota is also coming off of an NFC Championship loss to the 49ers and will be starting to make a push for the playoffs in Week 11. The Cowboys will have to rely on a high-powered offense to outscore the Vikings to win this game. Luckily for the Cowboys, they will be coming off of their Week 10 bye.

  1. Week 9: vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are hard to predict going into the 2020 season due to uncertainty with Ben Roethlisberger. If he can stay healthy and is more than a shell of himself, Big Ben will be able to lead the Steelers to a good year. Dem Boyz will have a hard time with the Steelers and their scoring ability if they stay healthy. The Cowboys will have to hope their defense can get off the field and give their offense opportunities.

  1. Week 8: at Philadelphia Eagles

In the first matchup between these two rivals, Dallas will have to play their best to pull it out. Whether Philly is a good team or not, they always play the Cowboys well. Division games are dogfights and the Cowboys hope to not repeat the outcome of last season’s trip north. The Cowboys are the better team on paper this upcoming season, but going to Philadelphia always brings its challenges.

  1. Week 1: at Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have the talent to be a very good team this season. Last year, when these two met, Dallas dominated to a 44-21 victory and the Rams will be eager to avenge that defeat. I do not have much faith in Jared Goff, but he does play well in spurts. This game is the first of the season, so it is hard to predict what will happen. With that being said, the Rams have the ability to score with the best of them and it should be a competitive Sunday Night Football opener.

  1. Week 4: vs Cleveland Browns

There seems to have been pre-season hype around the Browns for years now, with nothing to show for it. This season could be different. They have the talent and newfound continuity to be a good team so the Cowboys are fortunate to have this game be at home. If the Browns can find some consistency on both sides of the ball, they will be a tough out this year.

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