Tennessee Titans 2010s All-Decade Team: Offense

Tennessee Titans 2010s

While the Tennessee Titans 2010s was a mixed bag, they had great players with them always. This list was created to find the best of the best in the offensive position who helped the Titans over the decade.

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Tennessee Titans 2010s All-Decade Team: Offense

Quarterback: Ryan Tannehill

While Ryan Tannehill only played a number of games in the 2019 season, he still made an incredible impact. Tannehill came in and took a team with a 2-4 record to the AFC Championship, and looks to take them farther in the 2020 season.

Running Back 1: Derrick Henry

The monster running back of the Crimson Tide is still a monster. Derrick Henry has had back to back 1,000-yard plus seasons during the 2018 and 2019. With Henry committed for at least the 2020 season, the Titans have a great running with them for this upcoming season.

Running Back 2: Chris Johnson

CJ2K is one of the great running backs, not just of the 2010’s, but could be said of all time. The running back’s claim to fame is his famous 2009 season when he rushed for 2,000 yards. While that was not during the 2010’s Johnson still had a great decade, and more than deserved to be on this list.

Wide Receiver 1: A.J. Brown

The second-round pick from the 2019 NFL Draft made an impact in his rookie season with Tennessee. A.J. Brown had over 1,000 yards in 2019, with also eight touchdowns. If Brown has the same type of season in 2020, A.J. looks to be one of the possible Titan greats.

Wide Receiver 2: Nate Washington

Nate Washington is a name that is often not talked about when discussing the Titans and deserves to be looked at more. Nate had multiple 600+ yard seasons while he was with the Titans, and was solid no matter who was throwing the ball.

 As stated before, the Titans have a mixed look at the past decade, but still had amazing players in their squad. 

Left Tackle: Taylor Lewan

One of the biggest loudmouths in the NFL, yet he also does what he says. Lewan has helped boost the Titans offensive line and protect the quarterback or ball carrier. As stated before, Lewan can talk all he wants, and he is normally right.

Center: Ben Jones

The center has one of the more overlooked jobs in the game of football. You have to give the ball to the quarterback, then have to defend him within a matter of seconds. Ben Jones is one of the best in his position. Coming in from rival Houston, he has helped shape up the great offensive line for the Titans.

Right Tackle: Jack Conklin

While no longer with the team, Conklin still was a great player for the Tennessee Titans. He opened lanes and created passing opportunities for his teammates. During all his time, he was a leader for the squad, and should be thanked for doing a thankless job.

Tight End: Delanie Walker

Delanie Walker had been a bright spot for the Tennessee Titans during the rebuilding years. The free agent from the 49ers shows fans that there was still hope in Nashville. While Walker had injuries near the end of his run with the Titans, he still produced plenty of yardage for the team. 

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