Tennessee Titans 2010s All-Decade Team: Defense

Tennessee Titans 2010s

While the Tennessee Titans 2010s was a mixed bag, they had great players with them always. This list was created to find the best of the best in the defensive positions who helped the Titans over the decade.

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Tennessee Titans 2010s All-Decade Team: Defense

Safety: Kevin Byard

One of the easiest picks for this list. Kevin Byard has been a great draft pick for the Tennessee Titans and has made teams scared to throw the ball when he is on the field.  Byard has also been known for his fake punt touchdown pass against the Houston Texans. With multiple years with multiple interceptions, the Tennessee Titans do not have to worry about their secondary. 

Safety: Kenny Vaccaro 

The late pickup from the New Orleans Saints has joined forces with Kevin Byard to have an elite safety tandem in Nashville. Kenny Vaccaro joined the Titans after the season had begun in 2018,. However, Vaccaro showed that he deserved to keep his spot after the season ended. With Byard by his side, the Titans have a way to keep opposing quarterbacks from throwing the ball.

Cornerback: Logan Ryan

The man that (potentially) ended the New England Patriots dynasty. Logan Ryan, while it is looking like he will not be with the team anymore, will always be looked at favorably by fans. He helped end the rebuilding years, helping the Tennessee Titans into the era of 9-7, allowing fans to see success back again in Nashville. Ryan had a great 2018 season, and an even better 2019, with four interceptions and four and a half sacks. 

Cornerback: Jason McCourty

The cornerback from Rutgers was another easy pick to add to the list. Jason McCourty had multiple fumbles and interceptions during his time with the Titans. Jason was Kevin Byard before Byard was part of the Titans. While McCourty did not leave on the best terms, he will always be fondly remembered. 

Defensive End: Jurrell Casey

One of the best defensive big men in the NFL. While he is not with the Tennessee Titans anymore, Jurrell Casey is a force to reckon with. He has had multiple years with five-plus sacks, and multiple years with forced fumbles.

Outside Linebacker: Brian Orakpo

The cupcake man might not be with the Tennessee Titans now, but he has still made a great impact on the field. With three years of seven-plus sacks and multiple forced fumbles, Brian Orakpo was a force to be reckoned with. 

Inside Linebacker: Jayon Brown

Jayon Brown has been a great draft pick for the Tennessee Titans. Brown has come in and has added some young blood to the linebacker position. While his 2019 season was not the greatest, his 2018 season was spectacular. Jayron Brown looks to be a definitive piece of the defense for the Titans into the future. 

As stated before, the Titans have a mixed look at the past decade, but still had amazing players in their squad. Think you have a better name that should be on the list? Comment down below or reply to the post!

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