Taysom Hill Reaches Agreement With the New Orleans Saints

Taysom Hill has  reached an agreement with the New Orleans Saints after being tendered and receiving no competitive offers. The signing comes as other quarterback signings are finalized throughout the league. Last season’s backup quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Teddy Bridgewater, agreed to sign with the the Carolina Panthers.

Taysom Hill Reaches Agreement With the New Orleans Saints

Although the signing was good for the Saints, the lack of any contract offers is something for Hill to worry about in the future. Hill has lined up in plenty of positions for the Saints, but he has not shied away from the thought of becoming a starting quarterback.

While there were some teams looking for starting quarterbacks, Hill was not one of them to receive an offer. Two factors stand out, the chief factor being that he has not played played a full season as a quarterback in college or the NFL. The other is that the Saints have strongly utilized his skill set in a manner other teams may not be able to.

Along with Hill’s contract, it was also reported the Saints are signing Jameis Winston, former quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A former Florida State Seminole, Winston was drafted by the Buccaneers in 2015. Winston is a talented player, but his performance last year – the first quarterback to have 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in a season – has drawn concerns. Acquiring Winston could also mean trouble for Taysom Hill if he is desiring to be the successor after Drew Brees leaves.

The Saints also drafted Mississippi State Quarterback, Tommy Stevens. Sean Payton acknowledged Stevens as a quarterback but also commented on his athleticism, comparing it to Hill’s athleticism.

Adding on the Stevens, the Saints are looking at possibly four quarterbacks while the NFL only allows three. There is concern with the possibility of Hill being quarterback three and Winston being quarterback two.

Drew Brees is inching towards retirement while Hill has been verbal about seeing himself as a quarterback. Hill could become the successor while Winston is being offered a chance to improve his skill set. In essence, Hill may be quarterback two, Winston quarterback three, and Stevens will be the Saints next Taysom Hill.

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