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New Orleans Saints Mock Draft 2.0: Surprise Pick Early

Saints Mock Draft

It’s getting down to crunch time for the NFL Draft for the New Orleans Saints. In my second installment, things have changed a bit except for one pick. In addition, a couple of new areas of need were focused on after researching a bit more deeper. Drew Brees is back for sure in 2020. After that, all bets are off. The Saints are primed to make another playoff run. Most of the pieces are in place. The one significant missing piece is game changers down the stretch. Literally, the Saints are inches away. Here is my Mock Draft 2.0

New Orleans Saints Mock Draft 2.0

First Saints Mock Draft Pick: Running Back Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin

Bet this pick would shock the black and gold. However, if Jonathan Taylor is still on the board, the Saints have to pick him for the best player available option. Many other pundits are picking wide receiver, offensive lineman, or even a quarterback here. Make no mistake, the best player likely to be here at pick #24 is Jonathan Taylor.

Just imagine this for a second. Having a backfield with Alvin Kamara and Jonathan Taylor. Add the ability of Taysom Hill. Saints could be running the wishbone.

Taylor stands at 5-foot-10 and 226 lbs. and ran a sub-par 4.40 40-yard dash. Are you kidding me? He can wear teams down with bruising running along with surprising speed. Taylor caught more passes in his last year as a junior but could improve on his route running. Saints would have thunder, lightning, and hail with another addition to the backfield. Easy pick.

Third Round Pick: Cornerback Bryce Hall, Virginia

Nothing changes here as Bryce Hall goes to the Saints in the third round in my first mock draft. See my Mock Draft 1.0. Solid bonafide potential starter here. Only concern is lasting on the board for this long.

Fourth Round Pick: Tight End Thaddeus Moss, LSU

Fans may have heard of a guy named Randy Moss who played a bit of football. This is the son of one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. Thaddeus Moss didn’t come as the number one tight end coming out of high school, but he was in the top 20. Starting at North Carolina State, Moss only caught six passes for 49 yards. However, at LSU he excelled dramatically. Moss could be the toughest guy in the tight end class loving to knock out defenders with jaw-breaking blocks. Underrated as a receiver, He catches everything literally within his radius.

Moss made some huge catches during the College Football Playoffs. The Saints need a reliable target during crunch time. Moss is that guy, when called upon makes plays. Perhaps the breakaway speed isn’t there, but make no mistake he’s Mr. Reliable. Moreover, Moss isn’t the typical prototype being only 6-foot-2, and weighing 250 lbs. Some teams wonder if Moss can be an easy target. Just wait till Sundays. Moss is going to make an impact fairly quickly. He’s got instincts to follow the ball naturally. And his hands show reliability when the ball comes his way.

Fifth Round Pick: Defensive End Nick Tuszka, North Dakota State

What a name for a football player, Nick Tuszka (pronounced TUSS-Kuh). This guy is someone who is rising fast since the NFL Combine. The motor is burning hot at all times for Tuszka. He will hit you with every ounce of power in him. No holding back from this long shot underdog to make teams consider drafting him late in the NFL Draft.

Tuszka is the multi-purpose scrappy all around blue collar football player. He’s a lover of batting passes down. Five total in the last year. He’s the sack master with 29.5 sacks over three years. The movement towards the ball is like a mosquito looking for blood. Experts point to the lack of competition at North Dakota State, but in the NFL, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. Making plays in a black and gold uniform seems to be a perfect fit. Another special team guru possibility.

Sixth Round Pick: Quarterback Josh Love, San Jose State

Wait you mean Jordan Love from Utah State right? Actually, it is possible to find two loves at one time. Ask the Bachelor. Seriously, Josh Love is no joke at all. While the first Love is more sought after than the latter, keep an eye on this kid. It would be shocking to say the least, if Josh Love got drafted but he should. Pro Football Focus has found him. He’s one of 10 sleepers on their official site. Love had the second best rating under pressure right behind Joe Burrow. And his stock is rising behind the scenes.

Something evident in the film from the Boise St. game was quick decision making and dead on timing on the long ball. He didn’t have a chance to showcase his abilities on the national level, but come draft day He may shock some pundits.

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