Collin Johnson 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Collin Johnson

Collin Johnson Overview
Wide Receiver
Height: 6’6
Weight: 222 lbs
School: Texas Longhorns

Collin Johnson 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Collin Johnson is a wide receiver that was recruited to play for one of the most prolific programs in college football. He didn’t have a great collegiate career at Texas as his two-time all-American as his father, Johnnie Johnson. Collin did, however, build himself a consistent career while playing for an underwhelming Longhorns team. He has been impactful for Texas since his freshman season in 2016. In his junior year in 2018, Johnson caught 68 receptions for 985 yards and seven touchdowns. This past season, Johnson participated in seven games he caught 38 receptions for 559 yards and three touchdowns. Johnson caught 188 receptions for 2,624 yards and 15 touchdowns in the 36 games he played in his four-year career with Texas.

While Johnson isn’t the top receiver that will display great speed or elusiveness, there are attributes that make him a matchup nightmare in some packages. At 6’6, there are not many situations where Johnson will be outmaneuvered and lose tight matchups. He does possess athletic abilities that make him a good receiver in the NFL. Although he possesses multiple attribute tight end qualities, he would likely contribute more on the outside. Teams can use him as a project for him to develop from a tall receiver with the raw potential to a dynamic contributor. Johnson knows his strengths and what makes him an efficient receiver. Expect him to still develop his potential in the NFL as he gets more experience


  • Great size and length compared to other receiver prospects;
  • Not afraid to use his body to get physical in matchups;
  • Has incredible catchability when the ball is in his long wingspan;
  • Uses hands to knock down the defensive backs’ press at the beginning of the play;
  • Has great ability to consistently catch the ball over the shoulder;
  • Displays great reliability as a run blocker;
  • Has separation at the top of the route;
  • A nightmare to cover in the red zone;
  • Can track the ball when thrown.


  • Lacks speed to beat opposing defensive backs in vertical routes;
  • Does not possess breakout speed at the start of the play;
  • Doesn’t have many capabilities to separate coverage players with his breaks;
  • Limited route runner;
  • Can get held up at the line of scrimmage;
  • Not dynamic despite being an athletic big receiver;
  • He is not elusive on runs after the catch is made;
  • Could be limited in long-yard downs;
  • Possessing long legs, he takes him longer to make the change of direction.

Comparison: Kenny Golladay (Detroit Lions)

Teams with position needs: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins

Projection: Mid-third round to early fourth round

Bottom line

Johnson is a gifted wide receiver with great size and length. This will make him a great matchup piece for an NFL offense in multiple schemes. There are many attributes that can get a team to select Johnson and utilize efficiently more the Texas Longhorns did. At the same time, he possesses raw attributes that teams can turn him into a reliable number one receiver. The potential of his impact in areas of the passing game such as short-yardage to red zone packages. There is potential to win long-yardage plays with his ability to catch passes over the shoulder and catchability range.

There are many teams that need an immediate red zone target like Johnson. The Cincinnati Bengals were 30th in the league in red-zone scoring efficiency (43.75%). Some of the variables was that star wide receiver A.J. Green was gone for seven games. Teams like the Denver Broncos (28th in red-zone efficiency – 47.62%), Washington Redskins (27th in red-zone efficiency – 48.78%), and the New England Patriots (26th in red-zone efficiency – 49.21%) are teams that need a reliable wide receiver in the red zone. Johnson will likely be a contributor as a second-stringer as he continues to develop at the beginning of his career. He will be a steal if he gets selected at a reasonable round in the 2020 NFL Draft.

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