Last Word on Football Episode 16: Philip Rivers Is Now a Florida Man

Philip Rivers

Here it is! The final episode for season one of the Last Word on Football podcast. Join your hosts Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin as they go over the best Super Bowl halftime shows, who will go from worst-to-first next season, and where the now-Florida man, Philip Rivers will line up under center. The two also recap the divisional title games, place their bets on who will win the Super Bowl, and where free-agent quarterbacks will end up.

Philip Rivers Is Now a Florida Man – Last Word on Football Episode 16

DJ Danny “Daniel Acevedo” Loose Change also joins in from the producer end as the crew goes off the cuff to talk about their fun times doing karaoke. Just don’t watch, share it with your friends. No timestamps this week because you have to watch the entire episode. Will Teddy Bridgewater stick with the New Orleans Saints? Where will Jameis Winston land in his quest to throw more interceptions than any other quarterback? Find out below!

Don’t forget to share the pod with your friends and leave comments on any tips for next season. See y’all next season!

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