San Francisco 49ers: A Chance at History

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers will face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 54. In a vacuum, the winner of this game is the champion of the 2019-20 NFL season. And while that is very important in and of itself, the 49ers have a chance at something more. With a win in Super Bowl 54, the San Francisco 49ers can add another title to their name and further their claim as arguably the greatest NFL franchise in history.

A Chance at History for the San Francisco 49ers

A win in Super Bowl 54 would put the San Francisco 49ers in elite company. The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots both have six Super Bowl wins. The 49ers currently sit at five so a win would give them their sixth. Also in the mix, is the limited amount of franchises that have won the Super Bowl. There have been 53 Super Bowls to date, but the heavy majority of them have been won by only a handful of teams.

Winning Number Six

Being only the third franchise in NFL history to win six Super Bowls would be a massive feather in the San Francisco 49ers franchise cap. It would also help cement their legacy overall.

The 49ers won their first Super Bowl in 1982, sparking their run of four Super Bowls in nine years. And their win in 1995 gave them five in 14 years. A very impressive run and one that put the franchise firmly on the NFL map. However, although the five wins in 14 years is a tremendous accomplishment it is also a limited one.

The San Francisco 49ers don’t have another Super Bowl win outside of that 14 year run. They’ve had NFC championship appearances and a Super Bowl loss, but no Super Bowl win. Winning Super Bowl 54 would not only give them trophy number six, it would also give them a Super Bowl win in another time period. Being tied for the most Super Bowls all-time, and being able to have multiple wins in multiple decades has a nice ring to it.

Separate Themselves From the Rest

As of today there have been 53 Super Bowls to date. Of the 53 Super Bowl wins, 39 of them are split among only nine NFL franchises. Less than 1/3 of NFL franchises are responsible for almost 74% of Super Bowl titles. The Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, and Washington Redskins all have three. The Green Bay Packers and New York Giants each have four. San Francisco and the Dallas Cowboys have five apiece, and the Steelers and Pats each have six as previously mentioned.

Legacy, heritage, and tradition are hallmarks of these nine franchises. These franchises are pillars of the NFL currently, and have been throughout history. The 49ers being in a class like this is a special accomplishment. Them getting to the top with a sixth Lombardi Trophy would be even more impressive.

The San Francisco 49ers are a franchise with some of the best players, coaches, and teams in NFL history. Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice are just a few examples of the great players that have donned a 49ers jersey. Bill Walsh, one of the most innovative NFL minds and greatest coaches of all-time, made his name in San Francisco. The 49er franchise is rich with legacy and accolades. Winning Super Bowl number six would add some separation between themselves and the other franchises of note.

What It All Means for the San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl 54 is a chance for the 49ers to make history. Being tied for the most Super Bowl victories in NFL history would be a feat that few organizations could speak to. The 49ers team in Super Bowl 54 is not the greatest team the 49ers have ever had. But it’s the one that could cement the 49ers as the greatest NFL franchise of all-time.

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